I made my way out to Basement Studio this week to catch Precious Little, a dark comedy by Madeleine George, about the nature of communication, and love. I confess I haven’t seen a lot of theater in my day, that’s not to say I don’t enjoy it when I see it, but this is the case. Precious Little was a neat reminder that I, and everyone else who considers themselves cultured should try to watch a little more theater.

Walking into the studio, I saw that the performance had already started, it was one of those performances that features action before the lights go down, on this one of the actresses Catherine Maunsell was depicting a gorilla, a key character in the piece, I like this as it made the start of the play feel like an organic transition and had some added value. But I’m not sure if this is standard practice in modern theater.

The play centers around Brodie (played by Jessi Williams), she is a dedicated linguist, and a 42 year old career woman attempting to have a child, who finds potential complications along the way. She is joined by a number of characters that attempt to support her along her journey, a well meaning but inexperienced counselor and a younger lover. (Both played by Courtney Eggleton)

Unable to find solace by these means as the dilemmas start to wrack up, she finds peace in her work, and an excitable old lady who speaks an old language. Weirder still she finds friendship in a gorilla, who fascinates her.

Precious Little is a wonderfully confronting piece of theater, at times funny with excellently written dialogue, making full use of the great chemistry of the cast, and at times bleak, as Brodie finds herself on a downward spiral of emotions. The full cast of characters were masterfully played by Courtney Eggleton and Catherine Maunsell, expertly playing a number of complex and distinct personalities.

Theater lovers, this is one to check out, the rest of you, go out and watch some theater.


What: Precious Little

When: 6:30PM, 29 May – 2 June

Where:  Basement Theatre 


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