Earlier today I was browsing a well known news website, I clicked on an article that featured ‘throwback’ photos that Heartbreak Island contestants had posted to their Instagrams. The result of me clicking on this article (due to being astounded at its absurdity), lead to the cookies on my laptop recognising this as something I wanted to see more of, and so my internet experience was steered me towards similar articles about reality television. This is the sad reality of how important news is frequently missed by people like myself. Today the internet generation are consuming click bait and pop culture through Instagram and Facebook that is quick and binge-worthy, rather than consuming what we would traditionally refer to as actual ‘news’. Attending the World Press Photo Exhibition was a fantastic reality check to remind myself what is really happening and being reported in the world, and how this compares to the content that I consume on a daily basis. 

The 2018 World Press Photo Exhibition will be seen across 100 cities and 45 countries across the world. But for just a few weeks between June 30th and July 29th, Aucklanders have their one and only chance to see it, tucked away in one of the inconspicuous levels of the Queen Street Smith & Caughey’s building. From Venezuelan protesters to Japanese Snow Monkeys, you will be absolutely absorbed by each story, in delight or in horror or maybe in disgust. You will experience a glimpse of all corners of the world through the lens of the very best photojournalists. Here are two images part of this years exhibition that particularly resonated with me.


Ryan Kelly 2nd Prize Singles

Above is a rally in Virginia, USA. where a car is driven at high speed  into a group of anti-racist protesters. A photo taken by Ryan Kelly commissioned by the Daily Progress, August 12, 2017.

Below, a flying fish swims below the surface in the Gulf Stream late at night, offshore from Palm Beach, Florida, USA. Captured by Michael Patrick, August 18, 2017.

Michael Patrick, Nature, third prize singles

The array of photographs on display at this exhibition is not to be missed and if you’re still not convinced, the proceeds from entry fees are donated to charity.


What: The 2018 World Press Photo Exhibition

When: 30 June – 29th July 2018

Where: Smith & Caughey’s, 253-261 Queen Street, Auckland City


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