If you haven’t heard about Corin Hardy’s upcoming horror film, The Nun, the latest release in the ‘Conjuring Universe’ then where the hell have you been hiding? The film is a veritable hit. Yes, it’s the same film whose teaser trailer was recently banned from YouTube for being too scary (violating the service’s “shocking content policy” technically speaking). Not a bad promotion for a horror film really.

Following a Q&A with co-star Taissa Farmiga (read it here) and director Corin Hardy (here) we continue our discussions with those tasked with bringing one of 2018’s most anticipated horrors to light by talking to actor Jonas Bloquet, who plays Frenchie. 

Q&A: Jonas Bloquet – Frenchie

QUESTION:  What drew you to The Nun and to the character of Frenchie?

JONAS BLOQUET:  I’m a big fan of the Conjuring universe of films and of James Wan’s work.  I own The Conjuring and The Conjuring 2 on DVD, and I’ve watched each about six times. They’re my favorite horror movies.

So, I was very excited when my manager told me that I was to audition for The Nun.  At the same time, I thought I had about one chance in a billion to get that part.  So, I worked hard for the audition, which turned into a very long process because the first audition was in Los Angeles, and then months later, after I had returned to France, I was called back.  Three weeks after that, I got the part – and another three weeks later, I was in Romania filming The Nun.  

I love the role of Frenchie because he’s a charming, funny, sincere guy who’s going to connect the audience to the movie.  

QUESTION:  What was it like filming in Romania?

JONAS BLOQUET:  Filming on location in Romania was incredible.  We could feel the soul of the abbey where the film takes place. We could feel the dead.

QUESTION:  Were there moments during production that caught you off guard?  

JONAS BLOQUET:  One day, we were filming at this castle in Transylvania, and from nowhere a Romanian priest stood in front of the castle and started praying.  He wasn’t part of the crew, and his arrival was not planned. We were all wondering what he was doing there. We never found out.

QUESTION:  Your director, Corin Hardy, is passionate about the horror genre.  Was that evident while you were filming The Nun?

JONAS BLOQUET: When I spoke with Corin on Skype about the role of Frenchie, I immediately understood that he was a horror fan.  I was lost when he talked to me about all these movies he’s seen. On location in Romania, he invited me to watch a movie he had selected from about 50 DVDs he had brought with him – 45 of them were horror movies.  Corin also showed me the horror films he made with his friends when he was ten years old. He was already a horror fan – and a filmmaker – at age ten!

QUESTION:  Corin has said that in addition to being inspired by some of the many horror films he’s seen, he also gave The Nun elements of adventure, like those he had enjoyed in the Indiana Jones films.

JONAS BLOQUET: There are scenes in The Nun that definitely have the feel of an Indiana Jones or The Mummy adventure, which makes it a different experience from the other films in the Conjuring universe. It has a bigger canvas – a hostile environment in Romania.

QUESTION: You’ve noted you’re a fan of The Conjuring and The Conjuring 2.  Did you meet the films’ director, James Wan, who’s a producer on The Nun and the architect of the Conjuring universe?

JONAS BLOQUET:   Yes, I met James during production.  He is very enthusiastic – you can see that he and Corin really love what they’re doing.

QUESTION:  What do you hope audiences experience with The Nun when they see it in cinemas beginning this September?  

JONAS BLOQUET: They’ll experience a big adventure-horror film – and tremendous fear.  I want to hear some screams in the theater.

The Nun is released in New Zealand theatres on September 9. 

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