If I rode under the arse of a thunderstorm yesterday, then today I crawled up the guts of another.

Weather forecast: scattered thunderstorms all day, pretty much anywhere north of Brisbane within a day’s ride. I’d leave later in the morning after spending some time with the folks and the dog.

I asked mum to turn on my Spot Gen 3 device, because her ‘motherly instinct’ induced anxiety inspired buying the device in the first place. And I let dad turn the ignition on the bike, a sort of ‘torch passing’ from his own adventures in his youth. I’m not religious or superstitious, but I felt like my departure had their blessing after that.

I stopped at a petrol station servo up the road, and layered my puffer jacket and rain jacket under the summer textile jacket I was wearing. I’ve never been a fan of the warm and waterproof layers that zip into motorbike jackets. Perhaps I’m restricted by budget; maybe some day I’ll think it’s a good idea to trade half a motorcycle for some elite Klim gear. But until then, I’m perfectly content with the safety rating of a sensibly cheaper option, and the flexibility of being able to use my warm and waterproof options off the bike also.

I usually eat just once a day, and it’s a large meal. Having done this for years, my brain now associates having eaten with allowing my body to rest. I believe this is known as a ‘food coma’ in highly educated circles. I shouldn’t have made the mistake of giving in to the offer of a last home cooked meal for three months before I left. I felt my eyes getting heavy within an hour of riding.

I’ve pulled over six times in just as many hours; way more than usual, but rather safe than sorry, and alive than dead. Surprisingly dried off in the two hours I wasn’t being poured on. I’ve set up my tent next to my bike in the only patch of relatively dry ground I could find outside a servo off the road in Booyal. My stove has failed -I’ll figure it out tomorrow- so tonight, I had a cold can of corned beef for dinner. I relished the first half, and absolutely despised the second. Whatever. It’s good for me. I think. Honey and peanut butter off my index finger for dessert.

I’d like to be in Airlie Beach tomorrow, which will be quite a demanding ride from here. An old flatmate, dear friend and riding partner from NZ lives and works there. He’s an exceptionally talented chef, who happens to know that I’m an exceptionally talented eater. I’ll be there for a few days due to his insistence. So that’ll be my happy thought while riding tomorrow.

PS: Yes, I took that photo while ‘watering’ that tree…


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