I woke up in the 20ft container I decided to sleep in on the road train. I maximised my time asleep by not going to the city to a backpackers, and back to the truck yard in the morning to sort the paperwork at the freight company’s office. The position of the parked truck on the road camber somehow resulted in the absolute perfect angle to be asleep on, and I think the reason for my kaleidoscope dreams was the blood pooling in my feet overnight.

I’m waiting for insurance to process my claim…
so the road freight company can release my bike…
so the motorcycle repairers can quote the cost…
so they can get on with whatever needs to be done…
so I can get back on the road…
so I can continue what I started…
so I can figure out why I’m doing this in the first place!

I’m pretty stoked to be alive; I don’t take this lightly. But at the same time any worse outcome has evidently not been a part of the universe that has transpired thus far, so worrying about it is a waste of time. Eating fine red sand for lunch on Sunday was part of the learning curve which unexpectedly satiated me, and I must carry on.

I was curious if my body was good to go, and went for a run along The Esplanade, to the Cairns Botanical Gardens, and back; it held out ok. My only major malfunction was complaining to myself about the heat and humidity. My test for normality is always having something to bitch about, so we’re good!

The Botanical Gardens hold a wealth of information: sights, smells, and sounds. I went back so I could walk through the various gardens and appreciate the evolutionary timeline of Australian flora and fauna, and the importance of the conservation of rainforests worldwide. I compulsively tend to read every infographic and description at museums and parks like this. The work that scientists and organisations dedicate entire lifetimes to is humbling and commendable. ‘The Wet Tropics’ are a place very near to Sir David Attenborough’s heart, being in close proximity to the other World Heritage Area that is the Great Barrier Reef.

Today was my first introduction to the reef in the form of a scenic flight over it. Tomorrow the reef and I will be getting more intimate when I go for a snorkelling and introductory diving trip. And even more so next week, when I’ll do my PADI course. Doing all of these is much better than sitting about moping about my broken motorbike, and should keep the restlessness at bay too.

The locals are friendly and beautiful, like the place and all the non-locals in it. There’s always something to do, and I haven’t caught myself being unproductive, despite being a hostel dweller. I guess this means I’m another tourist here, but this will add to the ‘adventure’ part of the ‘adventure riding’, even though there’s no riding taking place right now.


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