PAPERCITY are a three-piece band from New Zealand, made up of Alex Hargreaves (vocals, writing, lead guitar), Sam Edmonds (drums) and Ellery Daines (bass). The band has released a new track ‘Plastic‘ which is available worldwide now.

Plastic‘ mixes the upbeat pop and rock genres, while touching the hearts of young people with the positive and reassuring lyrics. Reminding us all that even with all the stresses in life it’s okay to fail and that it’s okay not to be okay, even though it can be super painful, “just singing out.”

Heather McMillan was able to ask the band after the release.

Q: Firstly congratulations for the single Plastic and the music video there’s definitely something mesmerising about how the movement of water translates on screen in the video. Why was it that you decided to take the underwater perspective for the video?

A: Thanks! What we really wanted to get out of shooting underwater was to visually put across the ideas of isolation and loneliness that we were talking about in the song. We shot it in a tank that is designed for underwater photography – and it’s the only one in Australasia. We were actually the first people to shoot film in it. Being able to black out the entire tank really helped us to get that moody look that we were after too.

Q: Plastic speaks about loneliness and speaks out to those who don’t feel like they’ve found their place in the world. How important has making music been for you in helping you all find your place?

A: Super important! I found school really difficult at the beginning and playing guitar made me feel so much better when I got home. Music also helps you connect with other people. If you’re feeling down you can hang out with your band mates and you don’t have to talk, you can just make loud guitar sounds together. Even just changing one person’s mood at a show just shows you how powerful it is.

Q: What advice would you give to kids out there who want to make music but are too scared about what people think?

A: Doing things that scare you is important. I totally know that being yourself is sometimes the hardest thing to do. But it’s also super important. People just really want some kind of connection. If you can make music that you truly mean, without being afraid of what people think, there will be people who will connect with it.

Q: How does PAPERCITY as a band identify themselves in terms of sound and image?

A: We make noisy, angry, pop. We also like to dress the same. (The boys quite like wearing women’s jeans now too.)

Q: What kind of sound can we expect from future songs from PAPERCITY?

A: We have a few songs that we are really exited to release later this year. You can expect some more guitar and other loud noises… our bassist Ellery has been backwards and forwards to Norway for the past year and he has been recording his backing vocals from a studio over there, so you can expect some backing vocals imported from Norway too.

Q: Is there anything that you guys as a band would like to do differently then other bands out there both nationally and internationally?

A: We really want to give people a show to come out and see. Music is so accessible now (which is great!) but I think it also makes it so important to give people a reason to leave their house and see you live.

Q: The sticker sets you gave out in January on social media had really beautiful cartoon illustrations can we expect seeing these designs in a future music video or on future merchandise?

A: Yeah, we want to keep incorporating that into future releases. I like the idea of them being like baseball cards that people can collect.

Q: I could not help but notice that your merchandise page consists of a PAPERCITY cat crewneck with pizza on it and just wanted to know more about this because I love it.

A: Haha. That is one of our older designs. The idea was to just put a bunch of great things on a jumper. We also had a Corgi t shirt for a while.

Q: Where would the dream venue in the world be to perform at? Do you all have a goal in mind musically and touring wise?

A: Our goal really is to be touring overseas. There are lots of massive venues overseas that would be super awesome to play. Headlining the powerstation would be really cool though. It’s such a great venue and so many amazing bands have played there

Q: What can we expect from PAPERCITY in terms of music and touring in the next year and in future?

A: We have a few things that we are really excited about that are being worked on behind the scenes for this year. And we are also really looking forward to releasing some more music. People can check our facebook page or instagram for updates.

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