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Humbly tucked away in the backstreets of Morningside is a new precinct, adjunctive to the well-established local hub Crave. This slick development, which contains several well-established eateries, is now open and catering to the growing number of people flocking to this unlikely area for their delicatessen needs.

When approaching the new premises, it’s hard not to be impressed by the GLASSHOUSE, designed by Nat Cheshire and Dan Smith, which serves as a refreshing new space for events and pop-ups.

Adjoining this airy venue, is the bustling eatery area, set to be a popular spot on the weekend, with Electric Chicken, Morningcider, Bo’s Dumplings, Morningside Tavern and Miann, all centered around an open-spaced courtyard, with a table tennis to boot, it’s the perfect spot to tuck into your afternoon beer and freshly steamed dumplings.

KIND, which sits at the far end of the precinct, is a primarily plant-based eatery (70% plants) that aims to make the neighborhood a healthier and kinder place. Founded by the same owners of Crave; Nigel and Cathie Cottle, the ethos of KIND is evident when discussing the concept with the husband and wife duo before starting Crave, “There was a collective of us that got together and started asking how we can make the neighborhood a better place to live. It was very apparent to us that Morningside needed something to be proud of.” The couple who have owned Crave for several years have now been able to expand their vision for the community with KIND

Whilst, fresh and local produce have undoubtedly inspired KINDs menu, it is clear that sustainability is what really lies at the heart of this eatery, “KIND is a social enterprise that is solely focused on creating a better community by making it more sustainable, greener and healthier” Cathie explains. Continuing on with Craves community focused initiatives, Cathie discusses further plans of an urban market community garden that offers employment for migrant women, as well as innovative recycling and composting strategies, focused on keeping the community environmentally friendly.

This precinct has undoubtedly transformed the vibe of what was once the working-class industrial suburb of Morningside. Unlike many of the other slick-rick developments that have popped-up in Auckland over the years, the Morningside Precinct has a vibrant community-feel to it and is undoubtedly set to bring life to the backstreets of Morningside.

Morningside Precinct


14-18 McDonald St, Morningside, Auckland

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