Review by Heather McMillan
Photography by Chontalle Musson

Last friday night, Galatos was alive with the sound of three epic bands on the last night of their New Zealand Tour. With “Skinny Hobos” stamped onto us from arrival I knew that the stamp wasn’t the only thing that would stick with us til the morning. The atmosphere was alive and electric and the crowd buzzed as the opening act’s set began.

First off, five-piece Quinn the Human  used every inch of the stage to showcase not only their talent in sound but in movement and stage presence. Between the sunglasses, pink suit and waist coats the band really left little work to the lighting as a visual. As I was stood in the audience I could feel the guitar riffs through my body with the vibration of it elevating the sound. It was more a feeling than a sound as they made their way through their set; a feeling of being shaken alive among a sea of heads that were passionately moving back and forth. Most notable was the relationship between the band members and their passion not only to their music but to their partnership as a band. They were performing not only for us but for each other. The highlight of their set was definitely Rusty Steele’s dance moves, his hip-moving was admirable.

Dead Favours were second to take the stage and they were definitely not shy about getting the crowd hyped up. With striking drumming and a galvanising guitar solo, those situated on the floor couldn’t help but get into it. The songs were finishing before I could even keep up with the pace and beat meaning I left wanting to move even more by the next song. As the set unfolded itself the front man, Jared Wrennall, admitted to having a few too many before coming on stage, but it was the last night of tour so why not. At this point, most of the crowd was also a few drinks deep as mullets flew around between stumbles and “Chehoo’s“. It was the perfect moment to announce their album being close to its release with only 2 months to go. Dead Favours let us have a taste of the new record which was met with loud appraisal from punters. Alongside this, a cheeky song with Alex Ferrier (frontman of Skinny Hobos) got the crowd ready for their upcoming set. A definite highlight of this set was Wrennall climbing atop of a giant side speaker and rocking out up there with his guitar.

This was it. Skinny Hobos were on stage, it was what the crowd had paced themselves for. As the two-piece came onstage the whole of Galatos interrupted into cheers. Their energy was sky high and what they gave the crowd, the crowd gave back. The hype that surrounded Skinny Hobos’ performance was well deserved, as they flowed with the audience but also rocked the venue with ambience. As Sam Holdom took to the mic in the middle of the set he announced that he was happy to be home after a huge nationwide tour. Graciously, the duo spoke about how much the Galatos venue meant to them and to keep buying drinks in support. Getting back to their set, Alex Ferrier took to the stage, his shadow reflecting on the roof illuminating to the audience the amazing presence of the band. Going beyond the lights and the loudness, they came together to create a beat of the highest of standard.

Despite being of pop, indie and alternative taste I really enjoyed the evening and would definitely prompt you all to check out the rock scene in New Zealand. I was both blown away by the talent and then towed away by the lack of parking in the area.

Quinn The Human

Dead Favours

Skinny Hobos

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