Words by Heather McMillan
Photography by Chontalle Musson

Late Thursday night Whammy’s backroom was filled with indie fans awaiting the start of a kiwi music filled evening. Harry Parsons took the stage with humble grounds as his set began you could feel his passion for lyrics and indie pop sound; regardless of his nerves. His voice was warm and soft presence that was calming to the ears and soul. The sweet tones of his voice alongside the pop beat of the band created a flow of joyous melodies. Despite the set starting with shy beginning; Parsons directing his concentration downwards, his set was filled with many highs as you watched upon a young man feeding the audience heartfelt emotions and moving expressions. As he gained new confidence with each and every song. The intimate crowd made a shift a few songs in from complete stillness in concentration to dancing as if they were the only ones in the room. Positivity along with chilled out vibes were felt all around as his set came to a close. Parson’s indie pop sound with a husky voiced edge made the perfect late night muse and start to the evening.

Harry Parsons

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