Words By Heather McMillan
Photography by Chontalle Musson

Friday night was a buzz with local talent bursting out the doors of Galatos.

Paige a fun chilled out singer-songwriter opened the night with her honest lyrics and free spirited personality. Fitted in a oversized dad shirt, Bieber cap and black pants she looked fully confident in her outfit; which was reflected in her confident on stage persona. Her sweetness in not only her voice but also in humour pointing out her red face made the room feel in company of an old school friend. Paige’s ability to connect with the crowd and communicate how she felt led the room in great spirits. What made her set so beautiful was how she created a feeling of positivity by just being on stage, performing. It’s really rare to have a musician be so comfortable to laugh and fool around onstage when only given an intimate stage and an often distant audience. I fully applaud her for being unapologetically herself and giving out such humbling vibes.

Second up was the alternative indie group Daffodils. Dressed in vibrancy and fit with tracks from what could be the next independent coming of age hit. Despite having a relaxed look the groups lyrics are often moody, intense and sad leaving a juxtaposed position to the audience. Vocalist Theo Spike Salmon gave off strong Morrissey feels as the group glided through their set; catering to the taste of the crowd with electric melodic beats. Theo’s animated persona and ecstatic character made the lifted the presence of the band, giving them an extra buzz. Particular highlight was the comments made by him about learning ballroom dancing but forgetting how to as soon as he got onstage. Matched alongside their gratitude made for a sweet hype before the boys of Balu Brigada came on stage.

Striking pink shirt and patterned sleeves armed with guitars and catchy lyrics Balu Brigada were suddenly onstage; much to the crowds roars of excitement. The packed venue were eager to hear, and dance to, the songs that were released on their fresh new mix tape earlier in the day. The genre-bending band definitely did not disappoint. Lead vocalist, Henry Beasley, knew how to work not only a stage but the audience. As he went from side to side crouching down to fans who had been awaiting all night for them. Beer cups were raised high and the crowd was giving their all to the beat enraptured by the sounds of Balu Brigada. Henrys’ loveable personality felt almost nostalgic of the early days of Maroon Fives’ frontman, Adam Levine onstage; as he held similar abilities to please a crowd, hold a note and sustain momentum to a consistently elevating sound. The bands sound was easily bigger than the small stage they were on and yet they brought more talent and charisma to the stage when a saxophone appeared creating the peak excitement from the crowd. The members, a literally family, moved around the stage and each other with easy and enthusiasm, as if they were just jamming to a room full of friends. The hip-hop tones and pop beat hooks; along with high energy on stage performance are what really highlight Balu Brigada as an outstanding multi-talented group. Not only did they hold their own sound and multiple styles with confidence and straight up talent on stage. The extra sound of the saxophone smoothly added a jazzy feel and got the audience dancing along with whatever beat they wanted. If anything Balu Brigada carries the feeling of a poppin’ street party that makes you want to dance all night long. If you have the chance to catch these boys on their new tour ‘Almost Feel Good Tour’ (named after their new mix tape), you will most definitely leave feeling good.



Balu Brigada

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