Review by Heather McMillan
Photography by Chontalle Musson

On a wintery Wednesday most would be keeping warm in the comforts of home. But Baynk was on at The Powerstation armed with a high energy, multi-coloured and electric set filled with pop remixes and crowd pleasing originals to shake up the weekly routine.

Melbourne native Luboku, otherwise known as Luis Kennett, opened the evening with electronic set that sent the crowd into an excited buzz. Beginning with a overhead sound of a older man’s reflective voice on live and other life lessons the crowds curiosity peaked, drawing them closer to the performer. The crowd was young and party ready.


His set was a perfect jump start to the night ahead. From the red lighting to Luboku’s passion, magnetising the audience closer and closer together as they danced. As the room was filled with fluctuating vibration his mixes created a joyous celebration to the end of university exams, for seemly most of the crowd or at the least the opportunity to turn a midweek night more of a winter festive occasion. His opening words “how you feeling Auckland?’ were met with drunken appraisal and eager excitement for the night coming.

Surrounded by heads nodding to the beats, some questionable dance moves and drinks a plenty, there was no doubt the night was gearing up to be a big one. Most notable was the drifting movement of Luboku that led the crowd to dance back freely, a symbol of appreciation to his art. The flashing lights and the energy from the crowd transformed The Powerstation from a chilled venue to a night club scene in just minutes into Luboku’s performance. Despite it being his first Auckland show it felt as if he was at home onstage and the crowd ended his set with loud applauds and cheers.

As the time for BAYNK drew near, the crowd was ready and to their delight the backdrop graphics switched to nature; raindrops dripping onto fresh green leaves. An ecstatic BAYNK appeared onstage dressed in white on white, his playful energy was felt immediately; letting the audience feel the spirit of the night. BAYNK otherwise known as Jock Nowell-Usticke is an energy and talent that sets you free from the darker tones of everyday life. His electronic pop buzz led the audience to erupt in joy. Mimicking BAYNK’S high energy his set was a audio-visual experience as the coloured backdrop was a piece of modern art.


You could tell he was in harmony with his sound and felt most comfortable moving to his songs, long hair swaying with the beat. His hit ‘Poolside‘ started and the crowd went wild. Phones and hands up in the air, recording the memory and making the most of the moment. The crowd happily sang along with the track. Grooving around the stage he sang along whilst clicking with the crowds own excitement and energy. “What’s up Auckland” he says, “no way I’d come out on a Wednesday night” he exclaimed gratuitously to the room full of smiling people who didn’t care what day it was.

Crowd favourite was the appearance of the saxophone. Cheering was heard across the venue at the pure sight of it onstage. The electronic music an saxophone mix was an easy highlight as the blend of his backing track to jazzy sad sounds created a sweet grooving harmony. BAYNK then slowed it down to a more emotive moody tune. Completely switching the room in its juxtaposed rawness to highly built up backing. His echoing vocals were almost ghostly mixed with his white-out out-fit.


It’s not hard to recognise how his art has led him to festivals around the world. BAYNK carries himself with pure love and passion in his soul, which reflects into his music. His energy is addictive to watch and makes you want to be part of the fun he is having and creating. He’s definitely someone to watch, and dance to, as his career is still young and he has so many place to go.



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