Review by Heather McMillan

It was Friday night and the vibes were easy livin’. With two upbeat openers before Leisure stepped foot onstage the crowd had a party upon party to look forward to. 

Imugi 이무기 hands down win me over every time I see them live. The two piece group capture the empty atmosphere and transformed it to a spiritually awakening. Wearing matching overalls their chilled energy filled the dance floor as front woman Yery Cho questioned seated audience members to ‘get up and boogy’ with great agreement, as the surrounding seats were left in favour of the dance floor.

Imugi 이무기‘s playful lighthearted onstage presence made for an enjoyable experience. Their personalities crested a carefree environment to those who seemed held back prior to dance. When their song Fade Away starts I’m always left inspired by Cho’s spoken word poetry and vulnerability. It strikes the crowd and an aura of love is always felt in response as audience members looked up to her; in appreciation of her honesty. Alongside their set producer Carl Ruwhiu holds the beats with passion and enthusiasm welcoming the audience to the sounds that take over movement of their bodies. As I watched the closing song a sea of youthful silhouettes danced together drawing the end of the first opening act. 

Lord Echo otherly known as Michael August unfolded the Powerstations inner night club in mere moments of being onstage. The craziness of the electronic vibrations caught many audience members into random passionate dance moves. It was hard to believe that in fact time hadn’t spun forward and we weren’t at a late night club but a Friday night concert. The music felt jungle like with tropical drum mix vibes. Holiday feelings if being far away from the winter Auckland night were felt through Lord Echo’s set. His love for his art was held closely by his movement and lipsync to the lyrics. Volumes were raised to match the wave  of the crowds love to his set. As a whole the set felt nostalgic in a way I could not really explain to you. Perhaps the funky eclectic rhythms caught onto past memories but the room definitely felt alive to the sound. 

From the moment Leisure stepped on stage the crowd was in awe. Hazey aired six figures appeared onstage to absolute pure excitement from every side of the room. In split seconds I realised why. These guys really held a stage. From instrumental harmony to engaging stage presence and flawless vocals we definitely knew we were in for a good night. Every member held their own but particularly outstanding was the suited drummer, an absolute highlight to me. 

Leisure’s sound is a mix of summer chilled back anthems and late night unapologetic head nodding body moving jams. The blend of genres formed an alternate paradise to those holding out for summer. No doubt they had some catchy hooks to their lyrics that eased the listening to another level. Looking around the level of happiness overflowed the venue. A very happy Auckland crowd were left to imaginatively weeks of reflecting on a enjoyable fun night.

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