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Review by Heather McMillan

Young people, the longest merchandise line and joyful faces everywhere was the first impression of Half Alive’s Wednesday night crowd at the Tuning Fork. As the night unfolded it was obvious why the venue was sold out.

Melbourne based opening act Approachable Members of your Local Community were just that. Coming onstage in matching shirts they hugged and hi-fived each other in case the audience had doubts that their band name was a hoax. The four piece group created an atmosphere of humble fun loving pop beats that the crowd adored. Their catchy lyrics alongside the upbeat of the instrumental created a rhythm that many were not afraid to dance to. “We’re just hear to rock your soul for the next 27 minutes” they said with great confidence. Honestly their presence was humbling as you could tell they were a group of guys who just loved spreading positive and creating music. Highlights of their set included front man explaining why Coldplay is the best band and everyone should have a USB of their music for when the internet goes down. Alongside the crowd chanting ‘Meatball, Meatball, Meatball‘ after learning a members mum had been calling him that in polish for 23 years before he’d learnt to translate what it was. 

Half Alive – photo by Faith Hazel

Half Alive’s set began with them all in movement to their electronic indie pop backing, heads bobbing up and down, colour and shapes. It was easy to click on that this was not going to be like any other show that’s been on stage at the Tuning Fork. Theatrical gestures, impressive quick movement choreography and ‘how does he do that’ moments from front man Josh Taylor. The energy this group alongside their two incredible dancers feed back twice the amount from the crowd as they watched their performance in full. From the flow of the back to back tracks of high energy electronic to slow dance keys the band knew how to give their all. Each song ended with immense crowd support with applause and ‘I love you’s’ met by the band with gratitude. Taylor stops after a few songs to ask the crowd ‘how you feeling tonight‘ to then excitedly say ‘this is our first time here’. The band’s entire set was a mountain of soft and heart pouring emotive lyrics alongside an intensity of instrumental and lighting. Having just released their debut album ‘Now, Not Yet’ earlier this month this band is certainly a talent to watch. The way the group performs is the most raw feeling to your senses as you listen to the members as how they perform they tell a story alongside the choreography of the dancers. Overall the experience was mesmerising and inspiring characterised by the theatrical manner that the choreography drew emotion through a story to the crowd. 

Approachable Members of your Local Community

Half Alive

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