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After the release of their EP ‘Boys’, Daffodils made their way to The Tuning Fork on Halloween to play a sold-out show with Foley as support.

Sporting orange and black outfits to show their Halloween spirit, Foley made their way on stage earning a chorus of cheers from the on waiting audience. The New Zealand duo create catchy indie pop tracks which quickly had the crowd jumping and dancing along. Foley performed ‘Stranger’, a punchy pop song with relatable lyrics to sing your heart out to; this seemed to be a crowd favourite as everybody in the venue couldn’t resist moving along to the spunky melodies. Bouncing around confidently while pulling off flawless musical talent and keeping the audiences attention with regular interaction can’t be easy, but it’s clear that this duo belong on the stage as they seem to pull off an impressive performance with such ease. Foley moved on to play their debut single, ‘Settle’, which they followed up with their latest release, ‘Cola’; both songs successfully kept the energy high and the audience happy. With lovable personalities, energetic stage presence, and irresistible pop tunes, this duo started the night off right and had the audience warmed up for Daffodils.

The sold-out venue was packed. All eyes were on the stage as the audience gathered for the eagerly anticipated arrival of the Auckland based Indie/Alternative band, Daffodils; made up of Isaac Keating (Drums), Jade Bryham (Keys/Synth/Backing Vocals), Louis Graham (Bass/Backing Vocals) and Theo Spike Salmon (Lead Vocals/Guitar). As soon as the four-piece stepped onto the stage, it was obvious that the audience adore them as they set off an eruption of screams and cheers, and even a “Louis I love you!”. Daffodils kicked off their set with ‘A Leo Underwater’ which filled the atmosphere with laid back vibes. With a combination of 80s synth and catchy guitar riffs, it’s impossible to resist dancing along. Salmon seemed to be in disbelief as he scanned the room and thanked everyone for coming, expressing how grateful he was for everyone who had listened to their new EP, ‘Boys’. The bands gratitude was genuine and could be felt through the venue, creating an intimate atmosphere.

Daffodils moved on to sing ‘Staring at the Sun’, which the audience sang back word for word. Each member of the band displayed a great amount of talent as they played passionately and settled comfortably on the stage. I have had the pleasure of seeing Daffodils perform a few times before, but this was easily the most impressive performance yet and the young group prove that they are going nowhere but up. The honesty of the band makes the overall experience more intimate as they finished performing one of their new songs and Salmon admitted that he was “really nervous about that one” to which an audience member responded “It was amazing!”, and I have to agree with them. Daffodils continued to please their audience with songs such as ‘Why Don’t You Hold Me?’ and ‘Boys’, which accentuate the youth of the band as they moved energetically around the stage, and the crowd were quick to imitate as people jumped around, flipping their hair and spilling their drinks. Slowing it down a touch, Daffodils played ‘We Only Laugh When It Hurts’, a captivating ballad which showcases Salmons deep and opulent vocals.

As quick as they had started, Daffodils finished up their set. After thanking the audience profusely, the humble and noticeably appreciative group of four left the stage. Before the band could fully leave our sight, the audience began to chant for an encore as they were determined to make this night last as long as possible. Before long, Salmon made his way back on stage by himself. He exuded confidence as he picked up his guitar to perform ‘Boys II’. Fittingly, the first lyrics are “I don’t really want this to end..” which easily explains how we all felt knowing the show would be over soon. The audience already knew what was next. The rest of the band quickly joined Salmon as people started to chant ‘Two Angels’ and they kicked off their final song of the night. ‘Two Angels’ is clearly a fan favourite and Daffodils did a good job of saving the best for last to ensure the night was ended on a high note. Everybody in the room was moving to the catchy tune and singing along to the lyrics, eyes were even closed in bliss as people took it all in, enjoying the final moments of the magical night.

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