Review by Heather McMillan
Photography by Chontalle Musson

A sea of colour, happiness and good vibes filled the venue awaiting for the arrival of tash onstage at Spark Arena last Friday night. Groups of young and old from all across the country gathered to hear the sounds of the talented artist. Their excitement was shown through the proud merch wearing fans walking around the venue hands full of drinks and beaming smiles. 

First up was wellington local Tunes of I a mixed genre six piece dub funk band that the crowd adored. Their confidence filled the arena as their saxophone player came to the front of the stage and hyped the crowd up for the beginning of their set. Everyone was clapping to the beat, moving to the motions of the sound and honestly just seemed carefree dancing the night away.
The music itself had a classic jazz feel mashed with a reggae vibe that really drew the audience into feeding them love throughout their set. It was obvious that Tash attracted a crowd that knew talent as they reacted to the trumpet and saxophone beats that came their way. Despite the vibrating bass the crowd was mellow and pretty settled into the sounds. Everyone was dressed for a good time with festival vibes from the glitter and colourful outfits. 
Highlight of their set was definitely their cover of the kiwi classic ‘Can’t Get Enough’ by Supergroove. It was the best booster for the crowd and really got everyone moving and grooving. 

Sure enough the time had arrived. With a teaser already created by the set to unfold a neon rainbow light, incense burning, himalayan salt lamps set on a rug with their full instrumental equipment ready and waiting for them to set foot onstage. A building tension of excitement grew until suddenly the crowd was in full excitement for the onstage arrival of Tash Sultana.
Their presence was dazzling and they held the stage as they formed each song bit by bit. The way they carried their passion in their step was met with animated eyes looking side to side movement met alongside. The crowd was roaring with glee. Dressed in an oversized shirt and pants Tash radiated their love for creating as they danced around the stage giving the crowd the insights of what chilling in a studio with them would be like, super relaxed and full of good times. 
It was pretty admirable the way they worked themselves around their set up onstage to form on the different sounds and beats in such a short time. The crowd definitely enjoyed the insight into what felt like a private music jamming session of blending sounds together to create tracks. The highlight was easily Tash’s voice I don’t know how they carried out both instruments and vocals with such procession and ease. As they stood just as one on stage they radiated to the crowd
the sounds of an entire band, it was super powerful and inspiring. 

Tunes of I

Tash Sultana

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