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On Thursday night Spark Arena held a party with a guest list of thousands. Festival X Rising was the party event of the year and had an unforgettable line-up including; Lil Pump, Juice WRLD, Tchami, and of course, Calvin Harris.

Fog covered the crowd to add to the anticipation and excitement that was so obvious in Spark Arena as crowds of people waited for American Rapper, Lil Pump, to take the stage. Accompanied by multiple bursts of fire, Lil Pump ran onto the stage with energy through the roof to begin his set. The rapper told the crowd he would bring the energy in the room up to a 10, and he kept his world as people piled up the front to dance and mosh to his music. Impressive screen visuals complimented his performance, making it almost impossible to look away. Lil Pump’s performance of ‘Gucci Gang’, the fifth single from his debut album, proved to be a crowd favourite as the hyperactive audience jumped in sync, screaming the lyrics word for word. After an hour of moshing, spit drinks, and impressive energy, Lil Pump left the stage, leaving the audience wanting more.

The arena continued to fill up with excited fans pushing to the front, wanting to get as close as they could for Juice WRLDs set, with an eruption of screams going off as he stepped onto the stage. In anticipation of his song ‘All Girls Are The Same’, Juice WRLD asked all the ladies in the room to wave at him, which squealing girls covered in glitter were quick to do. The energy in the room continued to build as Juice WRLD moved onto perform ‘NO BYSTANDERS‘ by Travis Scott, where he changed the lyrics to “I’m in New Zealand and I’m chilling with my friends”, earning him a chorus of approving cheers. Juice WRLD finished his set on high with ‘Lucid Dreams’ which is arguably his most popular song as it peaked at number 2 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart last year and continues to be a hit. Hundreds of people in the arena sang the words back to the rapper who then finished his set, leaving the audience buzzing with high energies.

The hypnotic visuals and flashing lights set the scene for French DJ, Tchami, as he made his way onto the stage without saying a word. The DJ clearly knew what he was doing as his fast-paced music had everyone in the arena dancing as the adrenaline and energy skyrocketed. To say Tchamis performance was impressive would be an understatement; from irresistible sounds to huge bursts of CO2, the DJ seemed to understand exactly what Festival X Rising is all about.

Thousands of people flooded the arena as it was almost time for the world famous Calvin Harris to perform. With a large burst of CO2, the arena erupted into a chorus of screams and cheers as Calvin Harris appeared behind his massive DJ booth. Within an instant people where hopping on shoulders and moving along to the electric-dance music that filled the arena. Harris’ years of experience are obvious as the DJ pulled of a monumental performance; which had thousands of people jumping and dancing, all while making it seem effortless. Playing hits such as ‘Bounce Generation (mash-up)’, and ‘I Need Your Love’, Calvin Harris crafted an unforgettable show. The sweeping strobe lights, trippy visuals, and bursts of confetti added to the hype of the festival and overall, Calvin Harris finished the night with Festival X Rising off with a bang!

Lil Pump

Juice WRLD

Calvin Harris

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