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Young fans and parents of all ages flooded the spacious Spark Arena’s ‘theatre mode’ set-up to see American boy band Why Don’t We; consisting of Jack Avery, Zach Herron, Corbyn Besson, Daniel Seavy and Jonah Marias. The Friday night show was the last show of their ‘8 Letters Tour’ so fans knew they were in for a treat.

With no disappointment, the energy in the room only grew as the second opener of the night presented himself on stage. EBEN, a 23 year old American pop singer filled the arena with an overwhelming energy that got everyone up and out of their chairs dancing. The high bass and electronic sound to his music lifted the mood with every song. When he announced that he will be performing his latest single ‘Plastic Angels’ the crowd of screaming girls strengthened and as the tune started playing there were thousands of arms swaying up in down to match every beat. It was clear to everyone in the room that the singer/songwriter knew exactly how to put on a glorious performance.

After being on the road for almost ten months, the boys of Why Don’t We took the stage one last time for their 92nd show of the ‘8 Letters Tour.’ Upon arriving at the arena I had little to no information about how the band performed or what to expect from their live show, but that soon changed as the lights dimmed and the anticipation grew.

The boys began the show with their 2018 hit single, ‘Trust Fund Baby’ all dressed in black outfits head to toe. Right from the beginning, the energy from each member was through the roof and continued to keep everyone on an energetic buzz right through the night. Many songs led to different black, white and orange monochrome outfit changes.

Jack quietly teared up during their performance of ‘In Too Deep’ when fans held up purple flashlights across the arena as a fan project called ‘Light for Lavender’ in honour of his baby girl and daughter of seven months. After mentioning many times how beautiful it was and that it “looked like a whole galaxy out there” met with thousands of “awww“‘s from the crowd. The band then thanked all the mum’s and dad’s in the crowd who brought their kids out to the show, saying “we couldn’t do these shows without you so we really appreciate it” which left a smiles and a chuckle from many parents in the room.

The band slowed it down and stripped back their performance of ‘What I Am’ for the encore, the final song of the ‘8 Letters Tour’. As mic stands and chairs were set-up and the band walked out with their guitars and designated instruments it caused saddened screams from fans as they as realised the show was coming it an end, however, this did not stop anybody from singing the lyrics at the top of their lungs. The visual of a burning campfire on the screen behind them set the mood just right and the large space instantly felt more intimate and like a home.

What truly amazes me still, is the power their performance carried throughout the night that made me realise what their music does for others. It showed everyone in the room was connected and a warm energy ran from start to finish. I scanned my ticket at the beginning of the night only knowing their names and walked out of the arena at the end feeling a sense of love and passion. I can definitely say that I will be making a return to their next show in New Zealand without a doubt.

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