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After just finishing a sold-out tour of Australia, Western Australian indie-rock band, Spacey Jane, performed at Whammy Bar with locals Daily J playing as support.

Daily J, an Indie/Psych band from Auckland, stepped on stage to be welcomed by huge amounts of energy and excitement from the audience. Having never heard of this band, I wasn’t sure what to expect, but the crowd was clearly excited to see them perform; and for good reason. Daily J put on an impressive show consisting of upbeat melodies that extruded a happy, carefree feeling into the atmosphere. Saxophone solos were thrown into the set and an impressive cover of Stevie WondersSuperstitious’ added a taste of Jazz which was the perfect touch to make their performance unforgettable. I was overall very impressed with Daily J, and the crowd seemed to share this opinion as they instantly called for one more song as the band began to leave the stage. Clearly not one to disappoint, Daily J returned to the stage to perform one final song which proved to be the cherry on top of their performance. 

Daily J

Spacey Jane immediately caught the attention of the audience as they began their set with the fast-paced beat of their song ‘Thrills’. The band started powerfully, and the dark red lighting added to the atmosphere. Obviously comfortable in front of a crowd, Spacey Jane owned the stage as they performed confidently, creating irresistible melodies and punchy tunes. The indie-rock sounds drew people in until the room was packed tight, but that didn’t stop anyone from dancing along and headbanging in sync with the band. The band moved on to perform ‘Keep a Clean Nose’ which brought more of a pop sound. Frontman Caleb Harpers vocals held intense emotion which could be felt through the venue, and with the talent of Ashton Le Cornu (lead guitar), Peppa Lane (bass guitar/backing vocals), and Kieran Lama (drums), the band worked together to pull off a faultless performance.

Spacey Jane

Spacey Jane performed one of my personal favourites, ‘Feeding the Family’, which seemed to bring out even more liveliness from the audience. Le Cornu’s performance was impressive as he pulled off multiple intricate guitar riffs throughout the entirety of the show, gaining many delighted cheers from the audience. The energy from this band never faded as they played banger after banger, including ‘Still Running’, Good Grief,’ and ‘Good For You’ which carried the carefree vibes through the night. Spacey Jane finished their performance with the catchy laidback sounds of ‘Cold Feet’ where the band and the audience gave their all, ending the special night with a bang. From playing at house parties to performing in a different country, Spacey Jane has proved that they have what it takes to make it far, and based on the performance they delivered at Whammy Bar, I don’t doubt that they will.

Daily J

Spacey Jane

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