Savannah releases catchy indie-pop tune ‘That’s When I Knew’

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New Zealand-born, London-based pop artist Savannah has just released her latest single ‘That’s When I Knew’ – a compelling and catchy indie-pop tune which challenges the age-old notion that when it comes to love, two halves don’t necessarily make a whole.

The video for ‘That’s When I Knew’ is now premiering on Thistler Sounds, which features a curated selection of top new pop songs from around the world.

‘That’s When I Knew’ – Music Video

“I wrote ‘That’s When I Knew’ when I found myself falling in love,” explains Savannah. “After being in relationships where I found myself being extremely codependent, I decided I didn’t want that any more. I came to the conclusion that I wanted happiness with someone, and not because of someone.

“There are so many songs, TV shows, books and movies about needing someone. So much ‘I can’t live without you’. But it’s such a toxic ideology. So this song is about two wholes together, as opposed to two halves making a whole.”

Produced by Auckland-based William Henderson (Harry Parsons, Abby Christo), ‘That’s When I Knew’ cleverly blends an underlying current of melancholy with a sense of hope. “It’s in order to depict someone feeling hopeless but slowly finding themselves and realising they’re enough.”

The video was made by award-winning music video, TV and documentary director/editor Amber Beaton. With an 80s vibe, the video captures a group of teens coming together and “doing dumb shit”. It shows “the authenticity of falling for someone when you’re young and stupid,” says Savannah. Taking inspiration from the likes of Halsey, Five Seconds of Summer and Demi Lovato, Savannah is a young pop artist with a bright future ahead of her. She released her debut EP OXYGEN in 2017, featuring the singles ‘I’ll Never Know’ and ‘Monsters and Fairies’. ‘

‘That’s When I Knew’ is the first of two new singles Savannah co-wrote and produced with William Henderson.

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