Over the last several years, globetrotting Dutch DJ/Producer San Holo has taken the music industry by storm, successfully carving out a lane in a saturated music landscape, through his unique ability to fuse deep, infectious songwriting with rich, organic sound design.

We’ve been patiently (OK, impatiently) waiting for the release of San Holo’s latest single, “Honest”, (it’s been over seven months since we last got an original piece of music from the DJ) but all that changes today.

The song (which features our very own BROODS) is an instant classic that’s bound to please new and returning fans alike. It’s layered, hooky, and featured by a stunning vocal turn by Georgia Nott. It’s been stuck in my head all day, as I’m sure it’ll be stuck in yours LISTEN HERE.

Exploring the theme of pure intentions and staying vibrant in all your interactions, “Honest” is a long time coming according to San Holo.

Honest is a song I wrote a few years back about being honest in every aspect of your life. It delves into the idea of being as genuine as possible when you meet someone, even if nothing comes of it. I would rather be transparent from the start than create a false of who I am or what I expect,” San shares.

In a time when so many of us are ‘curating’ our daily lives through things like social media, “Honest” offers listeners a chance to reflect on what happens when someone is able to break down those walls and see you for who you really are explains Georgia.

Like a lot of songs I write, it half came out of the subconscious pool in my brain. One of those songs that you listen to a year later and understand what you meant more than when you wrote it. It’s just about feeling like there is nowhere to hide when somebody truly sees you as you and asking to have the same transparency in return.”

San Holo will be debuting his live band with a special one-off show at San Francisco’s legendary Bill Graham Civic Auditorium with additional festival performances lined up at M3F and Okeechobee. Following that, he’ll be embarking on a slew of internationally renowned festivals through spring with stops in South America and Asia.

San Holo Upcoming Show Dates:

March 6 – M3F Festival @ Phoenix, AZ

March 7 – Okeechobee Music & Arts Festival @ Okeechobee, FL

March 21 – Bill Graham Civic Centre @ San Francisco, CA

March 27 – Lollapalooza Chile @ Santiago, Chile

March 29 – Lollapalooza Argentina @ San Isidro, Argentina

April 3 – Lollapalooza Brazil @ São Paulo, Brazil

April 10 – HYDEOUT Festival @ Singapore


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