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All the way from Arizona, the world’s first and only ‘Nedal’ band known as Okilly Dokilly have made their way to Wellington concluding their Australasian tour. Bringing Head Ned, Dread Ned, Shred Ned, Bed Ned and Zed Ned to fulfil your Ned Flander needs and with support from Dr. Colossus to sprinkle more Simpsons flavour to the night.

Kicking off the set with their 2019 hit ‘Reneducation’, Okilly Dokilly were completely engrossing from their flander-ful lyrics to their heavy metal sounds featuring songs from both albums ‘Howdilly Doodilly’ and ‘Howdilly Twodilly’.

After playing in Australia and Auckland we had a bit of competition against our neighborinos and thankfully the Wellington crowd did not disappoint. It seemed Wellington had been eagerly waiting to be serenaded by multiple Ned Flanders because once the band took over the stage at San Fran the venue grew numbers during this Flanders fest. Some may even say Wellington was louder than Auckland. How-diddily-ever, this crowd wasn’t necessarily dressed for the part, with a slight lack in creativity I was disappointed to see only two people dressed up like the man himself Ned Flanders. But, Wellington will still proudly own Okilly Dokilly’s loudest New Zealand show.

Opening the night before we experienced the fan-diddily-tastic Flanders came Melbourne based metal band Dr. Colossus. While also being The Simpsons themed band, this night couldn’t be more entertaining. From songs about “getting it on ” with Mr Burns to a special performance with Head Ned from Okilly Dokilly. This performance had only happened once back at their hometown show but lead singer Dr. Jon shared that since they’ve brought Head Ned on stage with them at this Wellington show they now consider this place as their second home. Including a special dedication to their late drummer who they reckon would’ve loved to have been here in New Zealand showed this night was deeper than a metal/nedal or simpsons gathering.

What made the night was seeing both bands really act out their cartoon characters, for example Head Ned spoke exactly like Flanders. He didn’t just dress for the part or sing his quotes but sounded like an exact replica of him while talking to the audience. At the end of Okilly Dokilly’s set they brought out Dr. Jon to accompany them on stage before the crowd chanted “Ned” for an encore featuring ‘White Wine Spritzer’ and ‘Nothing At All’. Both bands delivered a humorous yet wholesome performance and one I hope to see in New Zealand now also known as Nedfreland again and soon.

Dr. Colossus

Okilly Dokilly

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