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Following their latest album release Death Atlas, Cattle Decapitation have returned to New Zealand with a collection of new songs and a room full of hard and heavy sounds. With support from local bands Insidious Retch and Fat Dick, a typical Tuesday night got transformed into a night of extreme metal.

The anticipation drastically built as everyone awhited for Cattle Decapitation to bring their blood, sweat and tears into the venue. As the pit fastly grew and the smoke machines covered the stage, the members of Cattle stood still throughout their intro track ‘Anthropogenic: End Transmission’ from Death Atlas. As they began to play ‘The Geocide’ vocalist Travis Ryan busted out through the crowd and made his way onto the stage while the crowded smokey venue became deafening with their cheers. 

Featuring songs from past albums ‘The Anthropocene’ and ‘Monolith of Inhumanity’, the setlist consisted of a range of their tracks for any past or present listeners. While Travis Ryan gave the most filthiest screams, guitarist Belisario Dimuzio and bassist Oli Pinhard kicked whiplash out of the park as they provided the night with tasty riffs while headbanging harder than the most extreme moshers Valhalla had. On the other side of the stage drummer David Mcgraw and guitarist Josh Elimore demolished the tracks with disgustingly good beats. Collectively Cattle Decapitation are another band for the books who you’ll find their live performance to be much like their recorded sound, if not better. 

Following the first support band came Insidious Retch. Pacing around the stage while their fast and heavy sounds filled Valhalla, they created a riveting set that moved through the audience. This is a band that knows how to hold your attention. With their frontman delivering his growls so immensely you could feel it shaking through your bones to his eye contact that allows anyone in the audience to feel inclusive to their music. Obviously you’ll hear the lyrics through his vocals but his strong eye contact towards the crowd told a story of its own for the lyrics that were said.

Warming up the night for the Death Atlas tour came four men proudly from Pararaumu known as Fat Dick. With their lead singer beginning their set inside the crowd, it seemed a pre mosh got him ready for what madness they’d display on the stage. When the music started many heads were banging around with him before he joined his band on stage as they got into their setlist. With their humourless yet inappropriate jokes they had the crowd entertained throughout their entire time on stage. 

With this night full of growls and screams there’s a special person who made this possible as said by Cattle Decapitations frontman Travis Ryan, this is possible because of Ben (Valhalla Touring). Since touring New Zealand back in 2018, it was a surprise to see Cattle Decapitation back so soon, considering it took them twenty years to perform here before their extinction tour two years ago. But without a doubt they yet again delivered a series of tracks that have earned more than a reappearance in our small country.

Fat Dick

Insidious Retch

Cattle Decapitation

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