Kiwi artist Paige sat down and answered a few of us questions as part of NZ Music Month! Check out her new track ‘Yellow‘ on all streaming platforms.

Firstly just want to say Yellow is beautiful track, both lyrically and musically. Do you think it’s important especially in these trying times that people need to hear messages such as the ones in yellow?

Thank you! I was pretty mindful about the fact that during this weird time in the world Yellow would be a good message to send out to people. I hope it’s helped people.

The music video for Yellow is an animated lyric video, where did you get the idea to use this style?
I have a real fascination with animation and I knew I really wanted to see myself as a cartoon. I found out about Studio Local who are the people that made the video, I gave them the idea that I wanted a bee to turn everything from grey to yellow and they had the exact vibe I was going for.

What is the general creative process of songwriting like for you?
I find nice sounding chords, I loop them around, I sing melodies on top of them and then those melodies turn into words. Usually words come naturally to me but sometimes I’ll think of a theme/topic before I start writing.

As it is currently New Zealand music month; what does this time of year mean for you as an artist?
I think it’s amazing! Super important to support New Zealand music all the time but especially now! I have always loved seeing people get behind kiwi music in the month of May

You are featured on Balu Brigada’s track Slow Dive, what was that process like?
Yes! They felt like they needed someone else singing the song with them and they asked me and I was super keen! They taught me the song and I recorded it with them. It’s such an awesome tune

Is there anyone in the music industry right now that you would love to collab with?
My dream collaboration is Charlie Puth! I think he’s great. As for right now I’d love to collaborate with Benee or Mathew Young!

If one looks across your social media they will be able to tell that you love to watch the iconic high school musical movies, which character would you have loved to have played
Omg! I always say I would’ve loved to have played Sharpay Evans. I think her character is so sparkly and sassy and I’d just love to be in that position for a day hahaha

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