We would like to thank Ash, from Foley for taking the time out to answer our questions in celebration of New Zealand Music Month.

Congrats on the release of ‘One My Conscience’ in March. Absolute catchy pop-bangers on the tracklisting.

Earlier this month you released a track ‘Shoe Size’ with Kiwi producer Cases. Was this something that had been in works or was the inspiration sparked by the current state of the world?

That track had actually been in the works for a while! Shoe Size and its remixes were in the works for CASES debut EP, and we were so pumped to be a part of it. We had known Josh (CASES) for a while and always wanted to collaborate, and it was actually our first crack! He had made the beat already and wanted some ideas for a top line, and when Gabe and I got together to write for it, the lyrics just came out really quick! I think the vibe of the song was just so awesome and exciting, and really new for us so it allowed us to come up with some new melodies we wouldn’t usually use for our own music. We love it!

Noticed that you have been a part of a lot of livestreams such as; Lockdown Live and ZMs Float At Home to name a few. Do you think this lockdown period has encouraged musicians across the globe to think about connecting with their fans in less conventional ways?

Absolutely! It’s definitely urged us to think about new ways we can connect with our fans- we’ve been posting acoustic covers, doing question and answer videos, and taking part in the livestreams so that we can showcase the songs in different ways. It’s also made us reflect on our live show a lot; once live music comes back we have heaps of new ideas for ways to interact with the audience and make the whole experience more connected. I hope that across the board, artists keep connecting with their fans in unique ways even when live shows return.

Do you think this may change they way we access live music in the future?

Our number one concern is making sure people feel comfortable at safe at shows going forward. It’s pretty likely that live music is going to change, but we are definitely willing to be patient so that our fans feel positive coming into shows and know that they aren’t in any danger.

Speaking of new songs, what is the general creative process of song writing like for you?

We generally start songs acoustically – Gabe and I both collaborating on all of the parts, and then work up the production from there. More and more the process has become collaborative with outside producers and writers. It’s such an NZ mindset to do everything yourself, but we’ve learnt in the last few years that the more collaborators the better and the result is so much stronger when you put your heads together.

As it is currently New Zealand music month; what does this time of year mean for you as an artist?

It’s a time to celebrate our peers! We are such huge kiwi music fans, and we are so blessed to be a part of such a legendary music community. We just love spending a month reflecting on all the incredible kiwi songs that have come out, and getting excited for all the songs to come. May is my fav month for sure.

Is there anyone in the music industry right now that you would love to collab with?

SO MANY!! We are pretty lucky to collaborate with loads of awesome kiwi writers, but my top NZ collabs would be Chelsea Jade or Jordan Rakei. Those 2 are musical gods.

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