Today Muriwai-based, New Zealand singer-songwriter Lilly Carron shares ‘Talk To Me’, her new single out today on A Label Called Success.

Accompanied by a nostalgia-inducing video filmed at her home beach, ‘Talk To Me’ goes through a whirlwind of the unknown, the all-encompassing feeling of being left alone with no explanation and trying to make sense of why. With all these feelings still fresh, and a writing session with Josh Naley (Wells*) scheduled for the next morning, the song practically wrote itself out of pure emotive energy and fragility.

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A marked leap in a sonic and artistic sphere from Lilly Carron’s 2018 lo-fi coastal dream pop release ‘Evaporate The Rain’, recorded by herself on her parents’ iPad, ‘Talk To Me’ is an unforgivingly magnetic and personal statement. Leaping out and pulling the listener closer with every cadence and story detail, only to deliver the resolve with a single question, ‘can you talk to me?’

“I had spent a long time guessing and trying to put myself into their shoes,” says Carron. “This song allowed me to work through the frustrations of trying to reach out to someone who had left me in the dark. When all I wanted so badly was to make them smile.”

With a full body of work embracing Lilly’s imagination and perspectives on life as a strong and insightful twenty year-old, ‘Talk To Me’ sparkles as a perfect single for her new world approaching.

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