Maala release long-awaited album ‘Water Overhead’ after four long years in the making!!

Out on Sony Music New Zealand, ‘Water Overhead‘ sees Evan Sinton sharing a body of work that feels personal, yet intrinsic and familiar to all who have grappled with the ebb and flow of human emotion.


Teased over a slow burn of release including 2019’s ‘Crashing‘, ‘Fire Burning’, and ‘Better Life’, along with ‘Night Like This’ and the album’s cathartic title track, the project’s gravity was captured in an immersive listening event last week. Teaming up lighting / space designer Angus Muir and Flying Fish gallery, fans and the curious public experience ‘Water Overhead’ accompanied by a sequenced light show.

Submerged in the world of ‘Water Overhead’, Evan quietly documents the turbulence of ideas formed in his bedroom under the cover of night over a three year period. Pulling us into his racing thoughts and inner dialogue, this new record is a tribute to healing the heart and mind.

Working in Golden Age Studios with long-time collaborator, producer Josh Fountain, the dark, phosphorous world ‘at the bottom’ shimmers through understated bangers such as ‘Night Like This’ which depicts an internal struggle to reason with yourself. As Evan rose closer to the surface, the turning point came where he wrote ‘Crashing‘, which ended up as the album’s first single released as recording continued through 2019. Something clicked, and this song would be the catalyst for the overarching sound and vision for the project; a mission statement around healing.

Evan’s well-established love for heady, emotionally charged electronic ballads comes to life in tracks like ‘Fire Burning‘ (co-written with Montell2099), ‘Ground Floor’ and ‘Drift’, while also making time for love songs with ‘Crash and Collide‘ co-written with Jenna Andrews, Rei and Rory Noble.

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