Q: Hi guys! The world has been pretty hectic since Auckland saw you last the Powerstation. How have you all ben holding up during quarantine in Aussie?
A: Ahh the Powerstation. What a night. I remember playing the Money tour at Galatos a few months earlier and it being the funnest show we’d ever played. The owner got up and played sax. It was weird and wonderful. Pretty hard to back that up. But Powerstation was better. There must be something in the water in NZ. Just such a great night full of great humans.
We’ve been good! Cancelled a world tour but it just been so nice to be home. The longest time in about 6 years. So we’ve been writing and raised chickens, tended to th garden without the veggies dying, worked on some hobbie project (fixing up an old boat) and staying warm during winter. We had to spend 2 weeks lockdown at home after acing home from a USA writing trip cut short but just abused the excuse to stay at home and order our housemates to do to the shopping.

Q: Congratulations on the soon-to-be released album ’14 Steps To A Better You’, can you tell us what fans can expect from the album?
A: It’s a self help tape! A step up step guide to help you for the better. An album full of our opinions that is full of contradictions It’s a parody self-help tape really. Creators of self-help tapes are doing it for themselves as much as they’ve doing to help you.

Q: Back in a past interview with us, you had been “unintentionally been focussed around a refusal to give in to social pressures” when it came to Lime Cordiales’ music – do you think the latest album is in following with this statement?
A: It’s more of an extension of our last album. It’s slightly more political calling out people of POWER not using that power for good. There’s environmental undertones, it’s autobiographical, it’s mature yet childish, fun and angst, there’s apologies and lessons on how to live in the now. It’s a real mix bag but that’s what a self-help tape usually is. A lot of mixed information and opinions yelled (or in this case, sung) in your ears.

Q: Did you collaborate with any producers or musicians during the process of writing and recording the album? and what was that like for you?
A: Our producer Dave Hammer. We wrote a few of the songs together on this album and he produced all of it. Dave’s actually from NZ and a serious creative. We feel like we have similar tastes in tones, textures, melodies, inspirations etc. He never says no to an idea or rather will explore it the until it’s really dead. Never get sick of writing songs with that beautiful man.

Q: The single from the album is ‘Screw Loose’. Is there a reason for this song being the next single? and can you tell us a bit about the track?
A: Oli and I have been heading over to LA for a few years now to write. It’s a city full of creatives and a place where being a musician/song writer is a job taken seriously. We feel hyper creative and productive when we are there and love the city.
We were staying in a hostel/half-way house/cult barn in the middle of L.A. and were mean’t to be heading out to go watch a band. We ended up starting this song after quite a few beers as a joke instead of heading out. It was just meant to be a bit of fun until we showed our producer and he loved it.

Q: Lastly thank you for taking the time to answer our questions! and all best with the release of the album in July, and we hope to catch you live very soon once the boarder open back up!!
A: Thanks. So keen to get over to NZ. One of my favourite places on earth. Can’t wait for the day we open up and can once again be in love.

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