Expect big things ahead from one of Kiwi pop’s newest arrivals, theajsound.

After clocking up hundreds of thousands of streams on previously-released singles this year, the Indian-born, Auckland-based singer and songwriter return with his latest single, the mood-elevating SORROW.


Self-penned by theajsound (AKA AJ) and coproduced by Dominik Wirsching and Julian Huisel, ‘SORROW.’ is a slick and soothing slice of pop. In keeping with his signature style, the song is packed with catchy pop melodies and hooks and set to an atmospheric soundscape with a clear message.

“It is all about embracing your life and enjoying every step of the way,” he says. “It acknowledges the obstacles you face and how you can often hold yourself back. I want people to listen to ‘SORROW.’ and think about how they can move on and leave their baggage behind.”

AJ describes his music as much more than just songs. He wants listeners to enjoy the whole experience and says if you listen closely to ‘SORROW’. the intricate layers of instrumentation make the perfect soundtrack for a feel-good movie.

It follows a string of winning singles already released by theajsound in 2020, they include ANYMORE., PLEASE., Be With You and PROMISE.

AJ was born in India but is an Aucklander through-and-through. With his dad, an avid guitarist, who often encouraged him to play, music has always been in his veins. He took to music passionately in 2012, when he dated a pianist whose strong musical family encouraged him further. He started off by performing acoustic covers of his dad’s favourite artists, such as Neil Diamond, Guns N’ Roses and Metallica.

One of his first covers was ‘Golden Love’ by famed Kiwi band Midnight Youth, and he went on to cover multiple songs on YouTube, often collaborating with other artists. His style then progressed to artists such as Ed Sheeran, Taylor Swift and Jason Mraz. Lately, he’s leaning towards the more “hip-pop” (as he likes to call it) such as Post Malone and Ali Gatie.

The moment inspiration hits for this artist, catchy tunes come flowing by the numbers and before you know it, he’s on to the next banger.

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