It was a crisp Thursday night when I walked up the steep stairs of the classic studio, to see some of the best Christchurch comedy scene has to offer in The Porne Identity, starring Audrey Porne, and her fantastic opening act comedy veteran Gerrit Gray.

In his opening set Gerrit gives an insight to what its like being a disgruntled bouncer. I was impressed by his ability to seamlessly bouncing from quips, all while keeping the energy building. His set contained personal stories of being a self-proclaimed “Nice Guy”, and how to keep dates calm and relaxed as a competitive guy.

In The Porne Identity, Porne promised an unhinged, silly, and ‘way more fun than sitting at home experience’ and delivered this to a receptive audience in mere minutes of walking on stage. Porne takes the audience on a journey diving into her psyche. From stories of growing up in Invercargill the struggles of sobriety, familiar issues and tall guys.

She has mastered the craft of talking about these darker sides of herself through a rose-colored lens. This leaves the audiences both laughing and thinking, instead of becoming emotional and giving the inevitable empathetic aww. Porne clearly utilizes the mastery of her craft with amazing writing combined with an awe-inspiring performance.

I was constantly gasping for breath after laughing so hard after each hard-hitting punch line landed effortlessly. She ended the show with a feminist poem/erotica, earning her a well-deserved standing ovation in the crowd. Both Audrey Porne and Gerrit Gray have a bright future in comedy and are definitely acts to watch. I Recommend watching this show if you love an hour of comedy where your hands hurt from clapping and eyes water from laughing.


What: The Porne Identity

Who: Audrey Porne

When: 10PM 13 – 15 May

Where: Classic Studio

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