Media Studies: Episode 8: Online Culture

In the wake of Hillary Clinton slandering Pepe the Frog for Political Gain, Our Heroes talk about the culture of online communities, ironically reading /pol/, roasting India online, shitposting, SeeJayDoubleyew...

Media Studies Episode 7: Things Douchebags like

In this late-ass episode, our heroes find new employment in Billabong, a store dedicated to clothing dudes who yell at their wives in public. They discuss things douchebags, bros, fuckboys and pricks like. With apologies to the lesbian community and the Pro Gaming circuit.

Media Studies Podcast: Part One: Metal Gear

In this, inaugural episode, Our heroes discuss the story of Hideo Kojima's Metal Gear. It's the story of Big Boss, a man who is really good at shooting people in the face and his three cloned sons who are also good at shooting people in the face. (No Phantom Pain Spoilers because I haven't finished it yet.) NANOMACHINES.