Netflix has a cool new job opening—the only catch is you have to apply on Instagram. That’s because the job is to Instagram.

So if you’re constantly posting photos of delirious desserts  and gorgeous cityscapes on Instagram, then there’s a good chance you’re uniquely qualified for a job that will pay you thousands of dollars to travel around the world and keep doing what you do best. That’s right, you can get real money and free travel – just for taking Instagram photos.

As in previous years, Netflix and Instagram are teaming up to hire what they call “Grammasters,” or proven Instagram wizards who will be tasked with traveling to Europe and the Middle East to photograph sets of popular Netflix original shows and movies.

According to the job description, “Grammasters will travel for two weeks, visiting the sets of popular shows, films, and even Netflix originals. Make some money! Earn $2000/week while Netflix handles all travel arrangements.”

To apply for the ‘gramming gig’, all you have to do is follow @Netflix on Instagram and tag three of your best photos with #grammasters3 by March 6th.  So, if your Instagram profile already looks like scenes out of “Marco Polo” or “Sense8” then you’re probably in luck!

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