Whilst the Shanghai major rages on you may start finding yourself in a tight spot trying to appear knowledgeable in DoTA. So it’s time for another round of DotABluff, your dose of DotA 2 commentary that you can slip into conversation with any hardened DotA 2 veteran.

Day 1 of the Main Event and we received a half baked opening ceremony with more delays than your least favourite budget airline. Ignoring the production value, or lack thereof, let’s dive into some quality spoilers and analyse those bold statements I made yesterday. 

Russian Production Value

This is what the Russian Caster’s have to put up with.

[A]lliance v Team Liquid

Winners:  Liquidlogo_std Team Liquid

I predicted [A]lliance, but sometimes things don’t go according to plan. The real highlight of the series is Game 2 where [A]lliance manage to turn the tables on Team Liquid so hard that they beat them at their own split pushing game.

  • Game 1: Sometimes you have to go back to your pub roots and destroy your opponent with an Ursa pick.
  • Game 2: Don’t take things late game if you don’t think you can out farm Loda.
  • Game 3: I’ve seen better plays from 2k MMR players than what I saw from [A]lliance in this game.

MVP Phoenix v LGD Gaming

Winners:  MVPPhoenixlogo_std MVP Phoenix

Well, I called it, everything about it. MVP Phoenix took this in record time smashing poor LGD back on every front.

  • Game 1: MVP Phoenix have been taking lessons from the Eastern Europeans in tower demolition.
  • Game 2: It doesn’t matter if you pick Earth Spirit, sometimes people will demoralise you with a Bristleback and some hilarious item builds.
  • Game 3: Don’t kid yourself, there wasn’t ever going to be one.

EHOME.CN v Team Archon

Winners:  Ehome EHOME.CN

A moment’s silence please as we mourn the quick demise of Team Archon. It was a predictable outcome, but at least, EHOME.CN brought the pain in the form of two deaths before the 1-minute mark.

Team Spirit v compLexity

Winners:   Complexitylogo_std compLexity

Amazingly compLexity were able to walk-the-walk decimating Team Spirit in a well-fought battle. I think if it wasn’t for Zfreek’s Enigma plays this could have been a little less one-sided.

Virtus.Pro v Vici Gaming

Winners:  Virtuslogo_std Virtus.Pro

This wasn’t the most entertaining game, but Vici Gaming made a couple of dangerous plays that led to their slow demise.

CDEC Gaming v Newbee

Winners:   Newbeelogo_std Newbee

This was such a slow match that I actually had to watch the VoD at 1.5 times. The game finally got interesting about 45 minutes in where there were more than 2 big fights in less than 5 minutes. Sadly things didn’t go CDEC’s way and Newbee reclaimed some of their former glory


Day 2 Predictions /Usable Quotes

  • OG vs Team Secret: This match-up is the ultimate bandwagon divider. If you believe in the combined powers of Fly and N0tail then you join me in the camp that wants OG to win… If you don’t, then you are putting your faith in Puppey’s ability to control EternalEnvy; that is a dangerous move friend.
  • EG vs Fnatic: EG should take this match-up without issue. Fnatic are okay, but they just aren’t on the same level as EG.
  • EHOME.CN v [A]lliance: Our favourite set of disappointments meet, which one will play like a top tier team nobody knows! I’m just going to outright say that EHOME had a worse Group Stage so [A]lliance could win this because they’re supposed to be back.
  • LGD Gaming v compLexity Gaming: LGD fell to MVP in spectacular fashion and may never recover from such a demoralising experience. I think that compLexity could definitely claw their way through to greater things.
  • Virtus.Pro v Unknown: At the moment Virtus.Pro’s contenders are unknown, but I’m going to stick to my guns and state that they’ll be going up against Team Secret. I think regardless of whether it’s Team Secret or OG Virtus.Pro’s performance to-date isn’t strong enough to keep them in the competition.
  • Newbee v Unknown: Same story as above nobody knows who Newbee will verse, but based on my egotistical ramblings above I’m going to say they’ll be versing Fnatic. I think Fnatic have what it takes to beat Newbee, but if they take it super late then they will come undone.

So my friends, go forth and impress people with your DotA quips and predictions.

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