A work-in-progress screening of Sausage Party took place tonight as part of the SXSW film festival, and from all accounts people seem pretty stoked with what they saw.

For those of us who were not fortunate enough to be in Austin don’t despair as my doppelganger, Seth Rogen, has taken to Twitter to provide us with the glorious red-band teaser trailer (which you can also watch above).

The film is a very, very R-rated animated comedy, and part of the joke is that on first first you would be excused for confusing it with the latest Pixar movie.

But believe me, this animated comedy is not for kids and it comes with a hard R-rating due to the healthy pose of profanity, drug-taking, and violence.

Seth Rogen is joined by an impressive cast of fellow comedians including Jonah Hill, Michael Cera, Anders Holm, Kristen Wiig, and James Franco … and in a wonderful case of counter-casting, Edward Norton.

Sausage Party serves up some fun in theaters on August 12th.

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