For fans of Marvel, the much awaited Captain America: Civil War is going to be one of the biggest highlights of this year. A cinematic re-imagining of the Civil War storyline featured in the comic universe between 2006 – 2007, the heroes of Marvel will be pitted against each other, with each side led respectively by Iron Man and Captain America.

But what happened to lead to this point? How did the heroes who wanted “peace in our time” get to the stage where they are forced to fight against each other?

Marvel fans MCUExchange created a super-cut showing how exactly we got to this point, and the personal tolls which led to the breakdown of the Avengers.

In the comic books, the Superhuman Registration Act is forced upon the superhero community after a group of inexperienced “heroes” accidentally end up killing the civilians they were meant to save. While Iron Man becomes the pro-registration figurehead, Captain America turns against Stark and leads the anti-registration camp. While there aren’t as many heroes in the cinematic universe, the havoc that has been wrought upon the world by both the Avengers and the breakdown of SHIELD has also turned the entire world in to a very scary place.

That fear – and another international incident a year after Serkovia resulting in excessive collateral damage – is what drives the conflict in the film. And the characters in the MCU face a dilemma best voiced by this line from their competitor DC comics: “you either die a hero, or live long enough see yourself become the villain”.

Captain America: Civil War is slated for worldwide release on May 6 in 3D and IMAX 3D. Rated PG-13.

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