I never thought I could feel the anger that Rust has invoked in me. It’s a shocking change from my experience with Stardew Valley, but it’s a change that I would soon embrace. I purchased rust on the 7th Of March, since then I have accumulated 77 hours of playtime. There are 168 hours in a week, 40 of those hours are spent at work, a further 40 are spent sleeping, meaning that the 77 hours of the 168 hours I had left over (over the period of 3 weeks) have been spent playing Rust.

What has my life come to? Anger.

Rust is an online multiplayer survival game currently released as an “Early Access” game, the aim of the game is simply to survive. I know what you’re thinking: “Great, another Survival game on an already saturated market.” And technically you’re correct, it is just another survival game though it has a few neat features that really set it apart from the rest, including the great granddaddy of survival games Dayz.

DAY – 1

I started the game butt-naked on the shore of a randomly generated map (each map is unique to the server) with nothing but a rock and a torch in my hands, completely oblivious to the rage I was about to experience. After gathering enough cloth I was able to craft some pants to cover my (well endowed) genitals. This was also around the time that I had my first encounter with someone else in the game.


Get used to seeing this.

I saw him off in the distance, bashing a tree with a hatchet, not a primitive rock like myself but a real modern day hatchet. I wanted to know more, I wanted to progress, I needed a master to teach me the ways of surviving this desolate island. So I did what any normal person would do – I ran up to him introducing myself as a sensible human being. To be honest, the warning signs should have gone off as I walked up to him, he was only wearing a t-shirt and no pants, allowing his genitals to sway freely in the open (classic sign of the unhinged).

As I approached him I introduced myself and asked him how to make his item in the game, much to my surprise he looked at me then flung his hatchet into my face, knocking me to the ground. Whilst screaming in agony, my newly acquainted friend decided to communicate with me and before I embraced the sweet sweet darkness, he called me a “Faggot Scrub”. This was the beginning of many such interactions in Rust.

DAY – 2

Well, it’s not actually Day 2, it’s more Day 1 but a couple of hours later. I’ve realised that Rust is not meant to be played on your own as the world is too cruel and too harsh, so I started running around with a couple of my friends. All of a sudden things improved, we were able to actually enjoy aspects of the game that Rust had to offer. We ran around the different landmarks of the map, exploring what they had to offer, collected blueprints that let us build better items and armour (no more hatchet to the face for me) and harvested enough resources to setup our humble abode. Finally, we were safe from the dangers of life, or so we thought.


A humble shack, $750,000 in Auckland.

Strange things happen when you finally set up a home in Rust. The first thing I noticed is that all my friends are very domesticated. Everything was packed away and neatly labelled by one person, another went out to find schematics (and murdered a few people whilst searching) for a bed, whilst a third ensured that we were never lacking food and drink. During our time we noticed many other camps spring up around us, we initiated trade and cooperation forming simplistic trade agreements and mutual alliances with people smaller or equal to us. In short we recreated a Medieval society.

We were a happy albeit slightly cannibalistic family, as you may have gathered by now, good things don’t last for long in Rust. Nothing is safe in rust, and I was foolish to think we could play pretend family for long in this game. As we sat there making clothes and cooking meat, a friend of mine shouted over the microphone “Is anyone outside?”. After a couple of very disorganised and disjointed answers we had concluded – No, no one is outside, and that’s when it began.

Things got hairy. We panicked. I’m not going to lie, our communication broke down faster than the sweat dripping out of my armpit. We had no idea where they were coming from and how many there were. Just that we were being shot at every time we even went near a window. There was a lot of cursing, admittedly all from me, mine was limited to “Fuck”, “Shit”, “Where are they?” and was met with an “I don’t know”, “I think there?”, “I’m dead”.

DAY – 3

The siege lasted the entire night, pot shots were taken from either side with the occasional blood-curdling scream when someone got lucky with their aim. We were shooting faster than we could replenish our ammo and things were getting dire. As the sun rose, we saw the full extent of what we were facing. They had built a camp right at our gates and were using it to attack us and spawn from. Each time someone tried to play hero they were shot down by our invaders, losing the precious weapon they had in their hands and pants that covered their genitals.

Then there was an explosion. The invaders had managed to climb up the wall and place an explosive on it. The explosion spooked us all and what little coordination we had quickly dissipated, that’s when I saw it. Hordes (read: 4) of nude men climbing the wall with hatchets started hacking at us. We were too busy shooting their men outside to notice this and were quickly overrun. They got in, they took our home.

We tried over and over to fight them back but they had the weapons, the upper hand, we couldn’t do anything. We  failed as we made one final push to take the floor they busted through. Throughout all the gun shots and swearing I heard a familiar voice, it mocked us called us names and generally shouted into the mic. It wasn’t until I took a hatchet to the back that I heard that same line again – “Faggot Scrub”. It was him, the same player who first murdered me was back to do it again, and he succeeded.

We all stopped playing Rust that night. I wasn’t talking to any of the guys on TeamSpeak and I was salty, kept saying to myself it was a waste of time that you just lose everything in the end. So I did the only thing left, I uninstalled the game and was done with it, after all it was bed time and I had work the next morning.

Two hours passed as I laid in bed, I couldn’t sleep because of the rage still seething inside me. I decided to get up and watch a movie until I fell asleep, next thing I knew Rust was installed and I was bashing a tree with a rock.

Welcome to Rust.

And enjoy your self journey.

And enjoy your journey of self discovery.

Rust : Three Days In Paradise
Overall a decent game for it's price, it's still early access so there are a lot of things being added. Avoid if you're easily enraged.
The good
  • Unique map with each server
  • Easy Construction UI
  • Great Gunplay
The Bad
  • Terrible Community
  • Poor performance on Mid-range Computers
7.5Overall Score

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