“We’ve really grabbed the bull by the horns with it, we’ve really figured out our direction.”

If you consider yourself an introvert, extrovert, or sincerely a mix of both, you will certainly enjoy “Dangerman and Awkward Boy”. Scott W Long is excited for his festival show with Matthew Harvey which previews this Saturday night 23rd April and will then run from 27th – 30th April.

Scott explains it as a double-header act with a well planned combination of stand up, comedy poetry, and other features. Interestingly, Matthew Harvey is an experienced Fringe performer and with his character Dangerman already well established, he has recently stepped into comedy.

The pair met last year when they were both competing in the 2015 Raw Comedy Quest, an annual competition for the best new act, and have decided to bring Dangerman to the stage with his new polar-opposite sidekick, Awkward Boy.

“We perform a bit together which is fun because we have entirely different styles. We’ve got a beginning, a middle, and an end, and in between that, two guys doing stand up comedy.”

The duo has used the idea of being outgoing introverts as the underlying theme of the show, taking two extremes in behaviour and personifying them. A lot of people will relate to these hilarious observations of how we each approach social encounters. Scott mentions the audience will likely see themselves in both characters since no one is simply an introvert or an extrovert, we all have elements of both.

“There’s the Dangerman who’s the guy who gets up on stage and all your friends go, “I could never do that, that’s the scariest thing ever”. And then there’s the Awkward Boy who gets off the stage and can’t have a regular conversation with a normal person.”

Scott spoke about doing stand up for six years before he finally took the plunge and booked himself an open mic gig in 2014. He has been offered constant opportunities to perform around Auckland since then which has led to his first festival show just a short two years later. Putting aside his anxiety has certainly paid off; Scott confirms that performing comedy is a great experience. He mentions there are difficulties in writing, in planning shows, in reworking material, but it seems to be completely worth it once he gets on stage.


“The best part of comedy is just being on stage and doing comedy.”

Scott defines himself primarily as a storyteller and is adamant about creating unique stories and punch lines. He admits that he doesn’t like settling for easy laughs; his material must be unexpected for the audience and he’s ruthless when it comes to rewrites and letting go of material that just isn’t finding an audience.

Since making it to the Finals of Raw Comedy Quest 2015 and preparing his festival show, Scott is aware that he now has to decide what to work towards. He is no longer on a defined route for rookie comedians and is now in the position to set his own goals for his comedy calling.

“[You have to ask yourself], ‘Do I want to have a fun hobby or do I want to make this a career?’ And I want to make it a career. You have to start thinking practically.”

Scott is certainly branching out and is a host of “Attempted Comedians“, a podcast that talks about all things comedy. His enthusiasm when speaking about this brings to light his love for the industry.

“Comedy is the thing that we love to talk about. It’s sticking around after a gig and talking for an hour just about comedy. We want to keep doing that.”

The podcast is a great addition to his comedy career, particularly because it has the potential to reach many different audiences. He explains the premise as an insight into their lives as fairly new comedians. The hosts interview well-known comedians, talk about where they are with their own comedy, and generally discuss their experiences of being new comedians on the scene.

Scott’s schedule is wonderfully hectic with this exciting project and his festival show. What’s more, immediately before his festival show this Saturday at 10pm, he is in the line-up for “Next Big Things”, an exclusive gig showcasing promising new acts, hosted by Ben Hurley. Tickets are just $27 – $29.50 for this two hour show that is bound to have you in stitches. Whether you catch him in “Next Big Things” or in “Dangerman and Awkward Boy”, don’t miss the chance to see this rising comedian.


Who: Scott W Long
What: “Dangerman and Awkward Boy”, performing with Matthew Harvey
Where: Cellar at Q Theatre
Dates: 23rd April and 27th – 30th April 2016
Show Times: 10:00pm
Tickets: $14.40 – $18. Book tickets here.

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