UPDATE: in an interview with Fairfax Media, promoter Paul Dainty confirmed that he’s working to have Guns N’ Roses perform at Auckland’s Western Springs Stadium next year.

You read it right…

The Speakeasy is excited to announce that all of your hopes and dreams are soon to come true. With the success of their ongoing US tour that kicked off in April, Guns N Roses will embark on an Australian and New Zealand tour that touches base in Auckland in 2017 – the band’s first time in NZ in a decade (and longer than that if you only count their original lineup).

Whilst the specific details are yet to be confirmed, this monumental show will most likely take place at Penrose’s iconic Mt Smart Stadium – a venue that has hosted many rock greats including The Rolling Stones in their ’14 On Fire tour and GNR way back in 1993. Another venue possibility is Western Springs, home to countless festivals and concerts over the years.

To add to the already unbearable excitement, there is talk of AC/DC joining the lineup due to Axl Rose’s role in both bands although this remains uncertain.

What we do know for sure is that Guns N’ Roses are coming back and, based on various reviews, a full line up, and a 20+ song setlist, this show is not something that you will want to miss.


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    • The Speakeasy
      The Speakeasy

      Hi Tracey,

      The best information we have – given from an inside source is early 2017 – but we will update everyone as soon as we are able to get an exact date.

  1. Rakesh

    1993 was at Mt Start, i remember as I was there and Skid Row opened for them, even a local band Dead Flowers played before Skid Row

  2. PJ

    Can we try and get a concert in wellington, you would sell out the caketin

  3. Kj

    Hmm…if you in south island don’t buy tickets straight away…last time we brought Auckland tickets 2 weeks later they announced a chch concert


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