By now you probably would have heard of Dark Souls. Whether through a friend swearing over the microphone, through terribly unfunny YouTuber’s doing silly ‘lets plays’, or maybe through your own experiences rolling off cliff edges when you shouldn’t.

But I’ll fill you in case you haven’t.

Dark Souls is an Action Role-Playing game developed by FromSoftware. It’s currently on its aptly named third iteration – “Dark Souls 3“. It strays from traditional game design in the sense that it doesn’t offer its story to you, you need to search for it.

It’s also considered a very challenging game, with more than a few people rage-quitting. So much so that in Dark Souls 2 that difficulty was toned down. This in turn, angered the die hard fans who demanded that the game should be restored to its former glory. And so we got Dark Souls 3, and the mental anguish that comes with it.

But I’m babbling, you clicked on this article for one reason. To numb the pain of death with alcohol. So without further ado, I present to you: “Drunk Souls – A guide to surviving Dark Souls 3

  1. Take a drink each time you die
  2. Finish your drink each time you fail to recollect your souls after dying
  3. Two drinks each time you die to the boss
  4. One shot for everyone else if you beat the boss
  5. Everyone finishes their drinks if they all die before reaching a bonfire.
  6. One drink when you get invaded and lose
  7. One drink for everyone when you get invaded and win
  8. One drink per phantom you summon for boss fights


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