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I know what you’re waiting for. You’re waiting for a podcast hosted by two comedians, discussing which debatably unconventional Hollywood heartthrobs they would bone. Well, lucky you, because the wait is over.

Rose Matafeo (Funny Girls, Jono and Ben, Billy T Winner) and Alice Snedden (Funny GirlsSNORT, and qualified lawyer) host “Boners of the Heart”, a hilarious new podcast produced by Tim Batt (The Worst Idea of All Time Podcast) at Little Empire Podcasts.

In each episode, Rose and Alice discuss one person in entertainment that they think is internally and externally attractive and do their best to convince the other person of their decision. They’re not wrong when they say, “It’s going to get weird”. But it’s going it get weird in such a good way.

Work ethic and personal life choices tend to spark Rose and Alice’s interests rather than classic Hollywood sex appeal, and this proves for some seriously brilliant banter. Abandoning the chance to discuss typical, perfectly sculpted models, they instead chat engagingly about stars who perhaps haven’t been given the chance to really reach their acting potential. Their different but complementary opinions drive the podcast and take listeners on wild tangents about their favourite pastimes, thoughts on marriage, and their own family lives.

A lot of thought goes into their chosen Hollywood hunks and it will more often than not just be straight up unexpected. The first episode sees Alice explaining in great detail a sex dream she had a few years back about Danny DeVito; her “classic heartthrob” of choice. Since then, she claims she has never thought of him the same again.

Rose’s first celebrity is an actor from way back when. She takes us on a journey of his life, work, and relevant YouTube sound clips, which leave her and Alice in tears of laughter. There’s a lot of genuine laughter from the hosts in this podcast and it is infectious. You’re not really sure how far the stream-of-consciousness banter will take you, but you will definitely want to go along for the ride.

It’s an idea that could come across as superficial if you hadn’t heard the hosts out, but Rose and Alice’s definition of “attractive” incorporates all of a person’s traits from a kind and funny personality, to a motivated work ethic and to being a family person. They discuss their favourite films related to the actors, tidbits of gossip, and random guest appearances the star has made to convince the other host of their decision. And most importantly, to convince you, the listener. Because you’re part of this too. And you want to be.

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