Aotearoa hip-hop has gone from strength to strength over the last few years and those in Auckland on the 24th of August will be able to witness its next evolution.

K Road’s ‘Neck Of The Woods’ is hosting two acts who are poised to make it big – Auckland’s OMNI POTENT and Wellington’s PASTEL EMBASSY.

Omni Potent, are a talented underground act who’ve been picking up a lot of fans recently due to their unique sound and impressive live performances. Songs to look out for are: Galactus, which was produced by yancey, and T.D’s ‘SsnakesS (feat. Franko G)’.  Omni’s T.D also has a new mixtape, Old Way$, which has been picking up some buzz.

Pastel Embassy (Faber, Yhaz, Po$h Thotty) will be joining the Omni boys at NoTW, and the hip-hop collective have dropped some new music in the form of Debut EP’s from members Po$h and Faber. Pastel Embassy have a really unique sound and Auckland hip-hop fans would be crazy to sleep on a chance to see them live.

For those of you that need a little more convincing, the night will also feature a secret guest.

TICKETS: For a limited time tickets are on sale for $10 and can be purchased from Under The Radar here.

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