In the not-so-distance past, the 2000s blessed and cursed the world with many trends and like all trends, things go in and out of fashion. To be perfectly honest, it’s far too early for any fashion in the 2000s to be considered ‘vintage’ yet so thankfully only the best ones have stuck around to develop a modern twist.

Around the time flip cell phones were becoming a cool accessory, denim was the must-have material. So much, in fact, that It Couple Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake got on the elevator and took it to the next level by wearing denim everything.

This is a photo no one can forget, but the thing is, we aren’t sure we want to. Not only was it a wonderful time before those awful merged celebrity couple names became a thing, but the confidence they have wearing the outfits is faultless. I mean, we aren’t really sure how we feel about this whole situation because it’s kind of cool but it’s also not.

2015: Pharrell Williams and his wife, Helen Lasichanh bringing denim back.

2015: Pharrell Williams and his wife bringing denim back.

Even though denim dipped out of the scene for a little while there, denim jackets have made a huge comeback in recent years.

The world still seems a bit unsure about bringing back overalls for good, but double-denim outfits are totally acceptable (provided the denims are different colours, I will make a note of that).

Furthermore, the ‘ideal body’ promoted by the media in the 2000s had thankfully shifted away from the painfully waif-thin 1990s one. Stronger, muscled physiques such as Britney’s iconic appearance at the 2001 MTV Video Music Awards started to take the world by storm.

While slender builds were still primarily advertised in the past, strong and healthy builds have started being promoted by the media in our current decade. In fact, in December 2015, Women’s Health Magazine announced that they would no longer use the phrases ‘Bikini Body’ or ‘Drop Two Sizes’ on their covers as the shift in fashion priority has now (thankfully!) shifted to being healthy and happy, regardless of size or body shape.

The Future is Now:

Let’s bring back: Flared Jeans.
Because: They are so much comfier than skinny jeans and I am at a point in my life where comfort is just as important as looking fly (2000s phrase call-back for you).

Let’s think about revisiting: Layered camisole tops
But only if: We don’t also bring back the trend of showing bra straps.

Let’s leave in the past: Ugg Boots.
Because: I’m not even going to elaborate; I don’t think I have to.


The 2000s were so evidently about frosted everything, I feel like Disney/Pixar’s Frozen was made a decade too late. Pastels and cool hues were preferred, and if they matched your Discman then groovy!

Nowadays, it’s quite difficult to pin down a staple makeup look for the present decade since social media has seen so many amazingly different makeup trends go global. Since I do want to analyse this though, 2000s makeup colours seemed to be slightly more relatable in the East where rosy cheeks and light washes of eye-shadow and lip stains are currently quite popular. The Western world has raised a market for makeup highlighters which have replaced body glitter for the moment. But never say never, body glitter could totally make a comeback.

The Future is Now:

Let’s bring back: Rosy cheeks!
Because: They are so youthful and fresh and I have no idea how to contour.

Let’s think about revisiting: Pastel eye shadows.
But only if: We have palettes that have the pastels and matching darker tones to blend.

Let’s leave in the past: Frosted lip gloss.
Because: It’s sticky, messy, and your hair gets covered in it.


Layers were huge in the 2000s (pun intended, pun always intended). While cropped cuts have made a bold stance in recent years, the world’s love for long and wavy hair is still present. Hair mascara and jeweled hair stickers thankfully didn’t stick around (but we tried them and that’s all that matters). Hair clips, bands, and flowers however have become fairly popular in modern times. Each to their own, of course; there was a period I wore different giant flowers in my hair for a couple of years there. That doesn’t mean I call it a global trend but it still happened.

I do miss hoop earrings though, whatever happened to them? Did Regina George think they were ‘her thing’ so much that the rest of the world panicked and let them go? Gretchen Wieners warned us. Actually, I had a staple pair of silver hoops I wore all the time in 2004 and I feel like they probably just disappeared one day with the entire trend itself.

Let’s bring back: Hooped earrings.
Because: They are like a pair of nice jeans; you can dress them up or down.

Let’s think about revisiting: Tinted sunglasses.
But only if: They really work with the rest of your outfit. These are not your go-to sunnies.

Let’s leave in the past: Impossibly tiny handbags.
Because: Phones are huge now, where would you put your phone?


I feel like quite a few of these trends will make a comeback in another ten years, much like the 1990s are at the moment. We may be laughing at layered tank tops and tinted glasses now but they were cool once so they could be cool again. Personally, I’m hoping pastel eye-shadow overtakes the popularity of fake eyelashes because I feel like they have gotten a bit out of hand. We all look like we have caterpillars on our eyelids. Just you wait because hindsight in 2020 will be 20/20 (that was so smooth, I’m really stoked with that) and you will think we all looked ridiculous.

In saying that, I hope Ugg boots don’t become a thing again – that was just a bizarre tangent the world went on and do not even get me started on Crocs.

Overall, the 2000s have been great to us. They started the pathway to promoting strong, healthy bodies and while frosted lips and chunky highlighted hair obviously seems outdated now, those were the trends that gradually morphed into today’s fashion choices and make us feel so darn good about ourselves. All hail the return of the denim jacket!

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