So here’s something interesting: It turns out there are some filmmakers luring unsuspecting musicians into the wilderness…and then recording them doing live acoustic sets in some truly stunning locations.

Wildersound, led by creator and director Ian Neilson, is a project that combines the natural beauty of Aotearoa with the sounds created by our own up and coming musicians:

“I wanted to make sure these moments in music were captured faithfully. This is the kind of video where you can hear musician’s lyrics, see their eyes and really get the meaning in the songs. There’s also a random element in being outdoors, sometimes animals or rain or some other nature drops in and it’s perfect”.

Ian’s style is not to sterilize the performance from its setting but instead to embrace it, which really shows through in what’s captured. But that’s not to say the musicians are lost in a cacophony of wind noise and bird attacks – recording fidelity is a priority and Ian and his crew manage to capture a delicate balance between the music and the ambiance created by their chosen locations.

Wildersound kicked off their latest season with four brand new videos on August 12th, and will be releasing a new clip each week from August 19th – check out their YouTube and Facebook pages for the latest updates.

For the first batch of clips from this season they took the musicians out to Te Henga (Bethells Beach) – check out the results below:





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