I am one of those people that loves music festivals but would honestly rather eat glass than spend my New Year’s weekend camping at Rhythm and Vines. The concept of forgetting everything that I have paid $400 to see, and spending 4 days worrying whether or not my tent will still be standing when I get back, is just not my idea of a good time. I love music, but I also like having the ability to jump into an uber so that I can wake up, happily hungover on New Year’s day, in the comfort of my own bed.

The announcement of a brand new New Year’s festival, Wondergarden, gives me an opportunity to do just that. Set to take place at perhaps my favourite place in the city – Silo Park – the all ages festival will fill the Laneway sized hole that currently exists in the area on December 31st. I’m not gonna lie, the announcement has highlighted just how close we are to 2017, and I am wildly excited to finally know exactly how I am going to spend the last few hours of 2016.

The lineup is due to drop on the 8th of September and we’ve been promised a range of genres to take us from the afternoon and into the nighttime celebrations. Plus, like all good Auckland festivals, there will be a number of bars and fun places to eat throughout the entire day.

Regardless of the lineup, though, I honestly think this is going to be a fab addition to Auckland’s ever-growing festival season. I’m seriously looking forward to bringing in the new year with a bunch of other like-minded strangers who are also stoked to be able to celebrate without being set on fire – something that I hear is not uncommon at RnV. So get on that earlybird buzz and join me at the best spot in the city this New Year – beautiful sunset guaranteed.


Early bird tickets will be available from the 9th of September

All information will be available here.

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