I’m a morning person. If you’re a morning person too, this is for you. Maybe you’re a night person and stay up past 10:00pm on a weeknight and I just wonder what that’s like because my body clock can’t do that. So, instead of rolling out of bed in the morning and heading straight to work, I like to wake up bright and early and do other things first.

The options are endless, so here are a few ideas (yeah, not endless – literally five) on how to start your day.

Get Breakfast with a Friend

If you’re lucky enough to have a friend and that friend happens to like mornings too, why not celebrate your early bird tendencies together with a coffee? Tuck into some brioche French toast and a flat white (ah, the solid staple of a Kiwi’s morning) and share anecdotes whilst both secretly feeling superior to your colleagues who wake up thirty minutes later than you.

You may have an inflexible bed-time of 9:45pm (that’s right, you have a self-allocated bed-time because you’re an adult) but that’s not the point. The point is you get to take hipster food photos for your Instagram and saunter into work right on time with a swag that says, “Oh, you haven’t been up for two hours already, eaten a filling yet pretentiously priced meal, and caught up on your social life? This is just a Wednesday for me”.

Seriously though; coffee, friends, and a delicious cooked breakfast? Aim to do this at least once a week if you can afford it. But let’s face it, who can afford a $30 breakfast every week? Instead, do it at least once, enjoy yourself and your company, and then look back at your Instagram post weekly so you can relive the laughs you had over ricotta and blueberry pancakes.

Learn a Language

Ever wanted your colleagues to say, “Wow, you speak Portuguese?! You’re so accomplished! Where do you find the time?” And you tap your nose in ironic coyness with a smirk on your face that says, “I am accomplished”. All you need to do is wake up ten minutes earlier, log into your Duolingo account and work your way up that tree.

Maybe you’ll sign up for many languages and study them each sporadically. All the while you’ll be telling your colleagues you are ‘learning five languages’ which is technically true because you didn’t clarify how slowly. But hey, if you can introduce yourself and say sentences such as, “The dress is red” and “I don’t like bees”, then definitely call yourself a speaker. The dedication is there. You’ll figure out the rest later.


What better time is there to exercise than immediately after your eight hour slumber? Wake up, throw on those gym clothes you laid out the night before and yolo outside to exercise. Listen to what your body wants; perhaps you’ll go for a 5km jog. Perhaps you’ll swim 1.6km at the gym. Or perhaps it feels like a good day to intend to work out, but as an alternative, relax in the spa for 30 minutes, knowing that telling your colleagues you’ve ‘been to the gym’ is not entirely a lie.

If you’re like a couple of my friends, you might spend the morning running a casual 20km in preparation for a marathon. You’ll tell me it took you two hours and I will calculate the km/h in my brain and say, “20km in two hours? I get that. I couldn’t do it. But I get it”. Look at you, training for a marathon! Proud of you.

No matter what type of exercise you do, the best advice I can give you from experience is do not forget underwear. Forgetting your makeup, work shoes, or hairbrush is bad but not completely unsalvageable – hopefully you have colleagues who can help you out with those. Underwear is not like that so you will be on your own.


That’s right. Set your alarm two hours early so you can turn it off (none of this Snooze nonsense) and have a second sleep. Maybe you’ll ruin your sleep cycle. Maybe you’ll roll with it. The point is, you get to appreciate two sleeps and no one can take that away from you.

Throw in a nap during the day if it fits into your schedule. I mean, you don’t particularly enjoy sleep – after all, there are much better things to do in life than be literally unconscious – but a lot of other people have called it their ‘favourite hobby’, so make them envious with all the sleeps you are getting throughout the day.

Binge-Watch TV Shows

If you’re anything like me, you’ll discover a TV show long after the first season has been released and decide you love it. You’ll subsequently spend as many waking hours as possible marathoning episodes until the end because TV shows are sugar; straight up addictive and wonderful.

As an example, a TV show I discovered far too late was The Office US, which I came across in 2013, two months before the entire nine-season finale. And that was my life for four months. It may not have occurred to some, but you can totally fit in a couple of episodes of a TV show during your morning routine of getting dressed and eating breakfast.

Forty minutes of TV is sometimes just what you need to pep you up for the day, especially in winter where you can stay snuggled in bed with a cup of hot chocolate. It’s a perfect way to end the day and certainly a perfect way to start it.

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