On November 18th, Brooklyn rockers and two-time Grammy nominees, Highly Suspect will be releasing their second album, The Boy Who Died Wolf through Warner Music.

The band were an absolute highlight at Auckland City Limits this year and I will regret missing their show at the Powerstation until long after I die. There was no hesitation downloading their debut album Mister Asylum as soon as I got home from ACL, and with critical praise from publications such as Rolling Stone, Entertainment Weekly, and FADER, I’m clearly not the only one who thinks that in hindsight, it was one of the best albums of 2015.

The band are fresh off a relentless world tour that saw them play festivals such as Lollapalooza, Bonnaroo, and Reading/Leeds, and are currently on a headline tour in the US with sold out shows in places such as Los Angeles. A mix of solid banter and pure rocking out, their live shows are second to none in the rock genre, or if they are, I have yet to be informed.

Highly Suspect’s popularity came from their first single Lydia which was Grammy nominated for Best Rock Song, and despite being released over a year ago, can still regularly be heard on alternative and rock radio stations. For a first single, it’s an incredible achievement, and well deserved for a catchy song that still manages to encompass all things that define rock music.

There are already two tracks available for download from The Boy Who Died WolfMy Name Is Human, and Serotonia, the latter of which was played at ACL and which has been one of my favourite songs since then. The lyrics tie in with an interview with Entertainment Weekly, in which lead singer, Johnny Stevens talks about the meaning behind the new album, framed around how his life has changed since moving to Brooklyn from Cape Cod.

“I was the boy, and was a wolf. Everything was a fight and a struggle. I killed that part of me, and now the man is left.”

The record was recorded in Bogota, Colombia, and Brooklyn, NY with Joel Hamilton who also worked with the band on Mister Asylum. Hopefully this is a sign that the follow up will be equally as brilliant as its predecessor.

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