There aren’t many bands in existence that can evoke the same level of emotion that Gorillaz can. I’ve never been very good at reviewing music in terms that are not riddled with sentiment, and this occasion is no different. Gorillaz have blessed us with the opportunity to traverse a unique musical landscape, and given each of us something very different in regard to what we feel when we hear the opening bass-line to Dirty Harry or the pleading tones in Demon Days.

It’s been six years since Plastic Beach littered our souls with triumphant beats and groovy electronica. But the wait for musical solace is over – Gorillaz have announced a bright and shiny new album.

Consistent with their explosive, creative approach to music, Gorillaz have released a digital booklet detailing the journey of Noodle, following the events that took place at Plastic Beach. It includes the shape-shifting devil Mazuu, a cheeky reference to Arcade Fire, and is filled with the familiar, whimsical, Japanese-inspired animation. While the fifth album is, as yet, unnamed, Damon Albarn has made it clear that this new album is “really fucking special”, and judging by the careful, thoughtful hints made insofar, I am inclined to believe him.

Since its conception on the 20th of September, their Instagram has been alive with nostalgia, documenting the vast and beautiful musical history of the band. Released in snippets on their respective social media accounts, The Book of Noodle, albeit mysterious, hints at an intricate and grand new album in process.

The rest of Noodle’s story is available to view on the Twitter page and Instagram of Gorillaz, and it’s worth giving them both a follow to stay in the loop about the new album, set to be released in 2017.

In addition to creating soundscapes that are refreshing to the palate, Gorillaz have simultaneously shaped and reimagined what music looks and feels like, and, in the process, formulated a dedicated community of people who transcend any one definition. They celebrate the quirks, the creativity and the vivacity of their listeners, and their new album is undoubtedly going to set the scene for a new era of Gorillaz against the backdrop of a changed world.

2017 can’t come soon enough.

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Anoushka Maharaj
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  1. Fan Girl

    There aren’t many reviewers in existence that can evoke the same level of emotion that Anoushka Maharaj can. I’d even go so far as to say that this reviewer is “really fucking special”. The Gorrillaz are pretty cool too. Awesome piece 🙂


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