Kings Of Leon, the hardest-partying band of the 2000’s, have spent the last few years cutting down on the boozing and fixing their shattered relationships with one-and-other. With seventh album ‘Walls’ ready to roll they headed to Rockefeller Plaza in New York City for an outdoor concert on the Today Show.

The concert, which saw them at the top of their game (the best I’ve seen them live for years) doubled as an album release party and is the first stop in a massive tour in support of ‘Walls’.

“There’s some really honest songs on this album, and we kind of feel like they were love songs,” said singer Caleb, as the band prepared to play songs like “Waste a Moment,” “Use Somebody” and “Reverend.”

This performance, and the album in a more general sense, reveals a band that is rediscovering its friendship, taking new risks in making music, and remembering why they became a band in the first place. It also serves as reminder of what made us love Kings Of Leon in the first place — their completely unique sound and the absolute fun in their music.

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