Kiwi director and all-round good guy Taika Waititi (Hunt for the Wilderpeople and Thor: Ragnarok) recently did what all the cool kids in Hollywood are doing by taking part in a Reddit AMA.

If you’ve ever stumbled onto the director’s Twitter or Instagram accounts then you’ll know his posts always come tinged with humour, and he certainly didn’t hold back in any of his answers during the session. Here are just a selection of our favourites:

Q: Considering the retro logo, can we expect an 80’s vibe in Thor: Ragnarok?
Waititi: You can. And more.

Q: Howdy Taika, Kevin Feige said that Thor: Ragnarok would be the Winter Soldier of the MCU’s Phase 3 movies. Care to elaborate on that?
Waititi: Jeez. I better see Winter Soldier… no joke.

Q: Which character or actor is going to steal the show in your opinion?
Waititi: Banner.

Q: What have you planned for Thor: Ragnarok to make it stand out from the other Marvel films? Also, compared to your other films, how humorous will it be?
Waititi: I think TR will be one of the most adventurous and most “out there” of all the marvel movies. It’s a crazy movie.

Q: You have been working with an impressive cast. What is it like to work with big names like Anthony Hopkins, Jeff Goldblum and Cate Blanchett?
Waititi: AMAZING. They are gold. Funny. Beautiful people.

Q: Hello Taika. In Making Thor 3, did you make efforts to make it similar or dissimilar to the previous Thor films? As in, did you try to maintain the same elements, or did you try to make it more unique? Thanks
Waititi: I made an effort to ignore the fact there are other Thor films.

Q: How much influence/involvement did MARVEL have on the plot leading into infinity war?

Waititi: Marvel have a huge influence on the story. They know the universe way better than I do.

Q: Do you like, actually watch Marvel Cinematic Universe movies? And if you do, which one is your favourite?
Waititi: I do watch them! Guardians is my favourite.

Q: How polite is Tom Hiddleston? How cheeky is Chris Hemsworth?
Waititi: Tom is very polite but has a cheeky streak. Chris has a heart of gold. Actual gold. He had it made and installed in his chest when he got paid for RUSH.

Q: How would you cast Jemaine Clement in the Marvel Cinematic Universe?
Waititi: He might have made a funny Thanos. But then Thanos wouldn’t have been scary.

Q: What was the coolest shot you were able to pull off on Thor: Ragnarok (before VFX work) due to the gear available on a big-budget flick?
Waititi: We have an amazing shot that took a bunch of mathematicians and scientists (nerds) a couple of months to figure out. We’re also using a rig called Satelight that has never been used in a movie before.

Q: Thanks for doing this Taika! What does Kevin Feige smell like?
Waititi: Starbucks. But that’s all Americans actually.

Q: (Aside from your own movies) what are some of your favorite New Zealand or Polynesian-produced films?

Waititi: The Silent One and Whale Rider.

Q: Just wanted to say Eagle vs Shark was a fantastic film. Really spoke to me as an awkward teenager. Would love to hear any fond memories or little known facts about it?
Waititi: I still have fond memories of shooting that film. We were all really young and didn’t know what we were doing – that’s why I love the movie. It’s like watching a teenager.

Q: Who would win in a fight between Blade and the vampire roommates from What We Do in the Shadows?
Waititi: We would smash that vampire hunter guy.

Q: How involved have you been with Disney’s Moana? I read that you wrote the first draft of the script for it, but have you been involved with any of the production?
Waititi: I was involved very early on with some storylining. But there have been about 10 other writers since me.

Q: How many takes did you guys have to do of Deacon doing his sexy dance for his friends in What We Do In The Shadows, because you couldn’t stop laughing? Because I couldn’t stop laughing.
Waititi: About 4 takes. But each take was 7 minutes.

Q: Hey Taika, did you ever get made fun of in this industry for being Polynesian? I’m making films in LA, I’m young and haven’t had a chance to prove myself yet, but people don’t take me seriously. I get called Lilo and Moana or get made fun of for being small. If it happened to you, did you just ignore it?
Waititi: Ignore it. They’re idiots. Our ancestors explored the ENTIRE of the pacific ocean without GPS. You come from that greatness.

So there you go, while Taika doesn’t give much away in terms of the story or character development for Thor: Ragnarok, we did learn that the film will be quite different in tone from the previous Thor films. Nice one Reddit.

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