I know. I did a double take, too. But this is really happening. November 25th will see the first of new release from the iconic man himself.

With the death of every great musician come the rumours of unreleased music from a secret vault. We hold onto the rumours because the idea of never hearing new material from the artists that we grew up idolising is simply too difficult to accept. Even if those with access to it choose never to share the music with the public, at least we can believe that it’s there and that some day, just maybe we’ll be rewarded for our patience.

For Prince fans, that day is coming.

His death on April 21st this year came just shortly after his stint of intimate shows across Australia and New Zealand, and was a shock to fans across the globe, but the release of Prince 4Ever will help dull the ache a little. The release will consist of 40 fan favourites such as Purple Rain, When Doves Cry, Kiss, Raspberry Beret, Kiss, Little Red Corvette, amongst countless others.

On top of these old classics, the album will also include a previously unreleased track, Moonbeam Levels – a track recorded in 1982 during the 1999 sessions that was considered for release on the Rave Unto the Joy Fantastic album. The album was never released but we finally get to hear a snippet of what it could have been had it ever seen the light of day.

The record will come with an exclusive 12-page booklet that will contain never-before-seen photos taken by photographer Herb Ritts.

If you’re a little disappointed with yet another old school act bringing out yet another greatest hits album, all is not lost because with the announcement of Prince 4Ever, comes the announcement of a remastered, deluxe version of Purple Rain. The plans for this particular release were in motion before Prince’s death, and will be a part of another new record which will be otherwise made up of new, previously unreleased tracks. Watch this space for more info!

In so many cases, it takes something tragic happening to someone in order for us to truly appreciate them, but I feel as though, even in life, Prince was never under appreciated or questioned. He was always this sparkly and charismatic man that we just couldn’t get enough of. All his death has done is lead us to celebrate him even more. I can’t wait to do this while listening to some remastered versions of my favourite tracks.


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