After what feels like a million years, Gorillaz have finally released a new track, just in time for the world’s end. Echoing the similarly eerie and melancholic political climate within which we now live, Hallelujah Money is a departure from what we’ve previously heard from the fictional band, though the demonstration of its creativity makes a humble return.

The incredibly soulful and intense Benjamin Clementine is a somewhat dystopian presence in this video as various clips play in the background; some are overtly political (Trump Tower, an African village, the KKK) while some are more obscure (murderous clown, Japanese film clips emulating Ju-On, the beloved Noodle). Never one to shy away from addressing the current state of the earth, at around the halfway mark, Damon Albarn himself sings the apt lyrics:

When the morning comes, we are still human / how will we know? / how will we dream? / how will we love?’

I will admit that my sentimentality and overwhelming adoration for this band will always take priority, but in my humble opinion, this track was a perfect, triumphant return for Gorillaz. It’s a little sinister, and a little sad, but the focus remains on Benjamin Clementine, who appears as a beacon of hope. The steady percussion and the futuristic vibes beneath Clementine’s warm, uplifting crooning of hallelujah, hallelujah money flow sweetly together and it makes me hope that they collaborate more throughout the rest of the upcoming album.

In regards to Albarn’s question, there is no answer until the morning comes, of course. We just have to wait and see, as Benjamin Clementine offers up after this musing:

“Don’t worry my friend, if this be the end, then so shall it be.”

So, go ahead. Welcome entropy with the glorious return of Gorillaz:



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